Monday, 3 June 2013

Transparent Stamps

Category Sight
Subcategory Transparent/See Through Stamps

Jersey 2013 Superman Transparent Stamp 

Issue date - 07 June 2013

The Jersey Post has issued a set of Superman Stamps Set ahead of the release of the latest Superman film, Man of Steel, which stars Henry Cavill who comes from Jersey.

The Stamp set consists of 6 stamps featuring Superman's various super powers and a lenticular miniature sheet. One of the Stamp - 55p transparent stamp illustrates Superman’s most famous power – x-ray vision.

France 2012 Valentine day - Adeline Andre Heart Shaped Transparent Stamp

Issue date 13 January 2012

Le Post expands its collection of designer hearts by issuing a new stamp block shaped heart 13 January 2012. Designed by Adeline André, as a "patch of love", these stamps are made of transparent plastic. As every year, La Poste issued a new stamp in form of heart scratched. This stamp sticker is printed on transparent plastic, mounted on a block of white background. For 2012, it is the fashion designer Adeline Andre that illustrates this issue limited edition . "the idea of a transparent stamp immediately obvious to me as it takes for the background color of the envelope, the parcel on which it is pasted. Heart, symbol of love, the heart stamp used to send letters of love, wedding invitations. I drew a heart in love, heart, hot, molten, a patch to apply love to fall in love, "said Adeline André. In 1970, Adeline André joined as assistant to Christian Dior Marc Bohan for Haute Couture collections. In 1981, she created her own brand. These models include clothing collections preserved in the Museum of Fashion in Paris (Palais Galliera UCAD), the FIT in New York and MUDE in Lisbon. In the 80s, Adeline André presents his collections in places never used before for fashion, in an atmosphere of privacy and calm, unlike shows on podium. Since May 1997, Adeline André is a member invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture shows in Paris and every season, its collections in the formal parades of haute couture and has been awarded the Haute Couture in January 2005.

€ 3 a block consisting of 5 stamps and stickers transparent 0.60 for shipments up to 20g for France and DOM. World’s third transparent stamp.

Finland 2008 Frosty Night Transparent stamp

Issue date 21 Oct 2008

The Frosty Night stamp will be the world’s first transparent stamp. Printed on a special film, the €0.80 stamp was designed by Nina Rintala.

The designer has created the mystical atmosphere of a winter’s night on the stamp using a large snowflake, twinkling stars in the distance, and a flickering aurora borealis. The card or envelope the stamp is affixed to will tint the result with its own colours.

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