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Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps - Update

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Subcategory - Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps

Malaysia 2013 - Lighthouse of Malaysia Series 2 Overprint - Glow in Dark under UV - Australia 2013 World Stamp Expo, Melbourne 
Issue date Overprint Issue 10 May 2013 (Original issue 30 April 2013)

Malaysia Post issued an overprint of the Lighthouse of Malaysia Series 2 (Original Issue30 April 2013) for the Australia 2013 World Stamp Expo held at Melbourne. The Lighthouse miniature sheet is overprinted with the exhibition logo - a leaping kangaroo on a background of Australia map. 

Malaysia 2012 - The 2nd Series of Malaysian Currency Stamp (Miniature Sheet) with Security Printing Watermark glow in dark under UV light.

Special Printing Mark Glow in Dark under UV light

Issue date 16 July 2012

The new series of Malaysian banknotes showcase many of the fascinating facets of Malaysia: her timeless arts and craft, diverse flora and fauna, spectacular natural wonders, and moderm commercial achievements.

RM1 : Wau Bulan, RM5: Rhinoceros Hornbill, RM10: Rafflesia Azlanii, RM20: Leatherback & Hawksbill Turtles, RM50: Palm Oil & Biotechnology RM100: Gunung Kinabalu & Gunung Berapi.

Malaysia - SPM Watermark
Malaysia modern stamps are normally printed on watermarked paper. The type of watermark commonly used is SPM, which is the abbreviation of Security Printer of Malaysia. The SPM watermark was applied on stamps as early as 1986. The word SPM is designed in a pattern of wave (Figure 1), thus it is called wavy SPM watermark.

The occurrence of watermark varieties in modern Malaysia stamps is considerably high. SPM watermarks in the format of upright (Figure 2), sideway up (Figure 3), sideway down (Figure 4), inverted (Figure 5), inverted-reversed (Figure 6) and sideway up-reversed (Figure 7) have been recorded on Malaysia stamps. A good number of stamps have two types of watermark (upright vs inverted or sideway up vs sideway down). In some instances, stamps with three types of watermark (Figure 8 and Figure 9) have also been recorded! Sometimes, stamps with different types of watermark are sold at different post offices. Therefore, the presence of watermark varieties makes serious collectors runing like a rabbit chasing for these varieties from different post offices. It is indeed tiring but definitely fun.

Figure 1: Wavy SPM watermark
Figure 2: Upright SPM watermark
Figure 3: Sideway up SPM watermark
Figure 4: Sideway down SPM watermark
Figure 5: Inverted SPM watermark
Figure 6: Inverted-Reversed SPM watermark
Figure 7: Sideway up-reversed SPM watermark

Malaysia 2011 Post Box Stamp sheet with Security Printing Watermark Glow in dark under UV light

Issue date 10 Oct 2011

Malaysia Post to commemorate the celebration of UPU Stamp week 2011 issued a Stamp Sheet in the form of a Post Box with 20 stamps featuring 4 types of Post Boxes with Glow in the Dark under UV light Security Printing Watermark.

Malaysia 2008 Butterflies of Malaysia - Five-bar swordtail butterfly – Odd shaped Miniature Sheet with Glow in dark under UV and Holes/perforations on the miniature sheet

Issue date 24 April 2008

Malaysia Post issued a beautiful Butterfly shaped Miniature sheet containing one Five Malaysian Ringgit Stamp on a butterfly called Five – bar Swordtail. The miniature sheet contains six perforation which can be removed to give the effect of a perforated wing.

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  1. do you have the malaysia currency series 2 stamp folder cost RM5.50 and are u selling?

  2. Sorry Mr.Loh..I do not sell stamps and no I do not have the the malaysia currency series 2 stamp folder..Thanks for visiting...

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