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Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps - Update

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Subcategory - Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps

Finland 2003 Lighthouses of the Gulf of Finland with glow in the dark under UV printing

Issue date 09 October 2003 

The Finland Post has issued 5 1st Class stamps named "Lighthouses of the Gulf of Finland" on a miniature sheet. 

This is a special stamp issue with the world's first glow in the dark lighthouse stamps.

Each of the lighthouses is position on the sheet in geographical order from west to east. The following list has the year in which the lighthouses were built, their precise location, and height above ground level. This information can also be seen on the upper edge of the lighthouses sheet.

Lighthouse of Bengtskar - built in 1906 at 59 degrees 43,4'N 22 degrees 31,1'E and stands 43.8 meters high.
Lighthouse of Russaro - built in 1863 at 50 degrees 46,0'N 22 degrees 57,1'E and stands 21.4 meters high.
Lighthouse of Ronnskar - built in 1800 at 59 degrees 56,1'N 24 degrees 23,7'E and stands 30.0 meters high.
Lighthouse of Harmaja - built in 1883 at 60 degrees 06,3'N 24 degrees 58,7'E and stands 14 meters high.
Lighthouse of Soderskar - built in 1862 at 60 degrees 06,5'N 25 degrees 24,8'E and stands 32.5 meters high.

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