Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Multi-Sensory Stamps Sets - Update

Category - Multi sensory with a varied combination of Sight, feel, smell, taste and/or hearing features

Portugal 2009 - Stamps and the Senses - Bicentenary of Birth of Louis Braille - Multi-sensory Set 

Issue date 2 October  2009   

Portugal Post issued a set of 5 stamps to commemorate the 200 years celebration of Louis Braille. The stamps features various attributes of the 5 senses - Hear, Taste, Smell, Feel and Sight.

The first stamp - € 0.32 features a cup of coffee which gives out the aroma of coffee (Smell). 

The second stamp - € 0.68 depicts a Vanilla ice cream stick with a Vanilla flavoured adhesive on the reverse (Taste).

The third stamp - € 0.80 features holographic images on the spectacle lenses which change according to the position of the stamp (Sight).

The fourth stamp - € 1.00 provides a feel of the embossed paste (ink) coming out of the tube (Touch).

The fifth stamp - € 2.00 shows a file where the ear is sensitive to the noise made by the file when the file's rough surface is rubbed (Hear).

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