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Stamps with Braille - Update

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Subcategory Stamps with braille embossed/raised printing 

Hongkong 2013 Inclusive Arts with Braille printing  

Issue date 15 October 2013 

The "Inclusive Arts" stamp  set of 4 stamps features "Thanksgiving" – Chan Tung Mui (2006) (HKD1.70 stamp), "Always by your side" – Cheng Kai Man (2011) (HKD2.90 stamp), "The vitality of Hong Kong" – Ko Nam (2010) (HKD3.70 stamp) and "How are you" – Liu Tung Mui (2006) (HKD5 stamp). Braille embossing is used to indicate the different denominations of stamps.

$1.70 "Thanksgiving" – Chan Tung Mui (2006)
Afflicted with cerebral palsy at an early age, difficulties in speech and hand movement do not stop Chan Tung Mui. She has learned to paint with her feet and participated in a variety of local and overseas exhibitions. As an awardee of The Outstanding Disabled Persons Award in 2004, she has often been invited by different organisations to demonstrate painting techniques, educating young people about the importance of dogged determination to succeed. The stamp depicts her art piece "Thanksgiving", showing her gratitude towards people's love and mutual support. 

$2.90 "Always by your side" – Cheng Kai Man (2011)  
Due to childhood illness, Cheng Kai Man can hardly move his legs and is confined to a wheelchair but his physical disability does not hinder his love of photography. He has won a number of awards in different photo competitions and actively participated in numerous exhibitions with a view to bringing photography to the public eye. The stamp illustrates his snapshot "Always by your side" with two birds personified as humans, conveying the message: no matter how big the sky is and what has become of the world, I will always be there with you.

$3.70 "The vitality of Hong Kong" – Ko Nam (2010)
Ko Nam, left with a hearing impairment due to illness in childhood, is skilled at painting landscapes and sceneries, and develops his unique brushwork in his silent world. He has received numerous accolades in local and overseas art competitions and exhibitions. The stamp features his painting "The vitality of Hong Kong", demonstrating his hopes and aspirations for the promising future of Hong Kong: truth, goodness and beauty can bring comfort to the soul and encourage people to exert themselves in a hectic world. 

$5 "How are you" – Liu Tung Mui (2006) 
Though suffering from cerebral palsy at birth, Liu Tung Mui has worked with unswerving determination on many paintings filled with vitality and energy. She was presented with the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award in 2005 and the Medal of Honour (M.H.) in 2007 by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for her exemplary efforts in inclusive arts and her impressive contribution to charity activities. The stamp shows her work entitled "How are you", revealing that friendship can also be conveyed through dancing and group activities in addition to words and illustrations. 

This set of stamps issued by Hong Kong Post to highlight the colorful works of disabled artists in promotion of inclusive art and a community in harmony.

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