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Stamps with Textured Rough Surface

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Philippines 2014 Watchtower Stamps set with Textured Rough Surface 

Issue date 28 March 2014

The Philippine Postal Corp. issued a set of 4 Stamps along with a miniature sheet of 4 stamps featuring Philippine watchtowers textured with a rough Surface to feel like sand achieved through tactile printing.

The special stamp souvenir sheet which features four watchtowers found in Boljoon, Cebu; Bantay, Ilocos Sur; Samboan, Cebu; and Tabaco, Albay.   

The watchtower in Boljoon, Cebu was built around the late 1700s and is separated from a church by a narrow corridor. The unadorned bell tower of Boljoon looks out to sea. 

The watchtower in Bantay, Ilocos Sur was erected in the 1790s. Bantay town stands beside the Abra River that flows from the Cordillera to the Luzon Sea. Through this waterway, commerce between mountain and sea was facilitated. It serves both an ecclesiastical and military function. The bell tower has a panoramic view of Abra River, the town of San Vicente, and Vigan City.

The watchtower in Samboan, Cebu faces Tañon Strait and is located on a promontory accessed through a 157-step stone stairway popularly called Jacob’s ladder. This watchtower is believed to be the handiwork of Fr. Toribio Gerzon in 1878. Samboan was under the secular clergy.

The church bell tower in Tabaco, Albay, meanwhile, was considered an efficient warning device against attacks from pirates.

The other set of 4 stamps also released on the same date featuring the watch towers of Narvacan (Ilocos Sur) , Luna (La Union), Oslob (Cebu) and Panglao (Bohol).

Narvacan, Ilocos Sur - The most photographed watchtower in the Ilocos, the tower at Sulvec, near Narvacan, has the silouhette of a rook. This brick and limestone tower is approximately 6.5 meters in diameter and 7.0 meters in height, smaller than most Ilocos towers.

Luna, La Union - A deep groove around the inner rim and quadrilateral notches suggest that the tower was roofed. Circular brick watchtower, in fair condition.

Oslob, Cebu - Moving south from Caceres on encounters another of Fray Julian’s handiwork, the octagonal watchtower of Oslob. Its rubble walls on which are propped susod, a sieve net for catching bangus fry and other small fishes, appears solid and in good condition. The fact is half the tower has collapsed in the sea.

Panglao,Bohol - Rising to four and a half stories, the watchtower in Panglao Island, Bohol, is reputedly the tallest coastal tower in the Philippines. The tapering octagonal structure of cut limestone stands behind the ruins of an old Baroque church, probably built by the Jesuits.

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