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Stamps with Thermochromic Ink Printing - Update

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Subcategory - Stamps with Thermochromic Ink Printing

Netherlands 2003 Christmas Theme - Stamps with hidden messages printed with thermochromic ink      

Issue date 25 November 2003

TNT Post Netherlands issued a 20 Stamps Miniature Sheet on the Christmas theme with different icons associated with Christmas. Special messages printed with invisible ink appear on each stamp when touched by the heat of the hand.

1) Family - De familielieve vrede (Peace in Family)
2) Open Gift Box - Beseffen dat je geeft (Realized that it is you)
3) Dog and Cat - Miauw van jou (Meow yours..)
4) Tree -Spar me (Fir me)
5) Toast - Op het wij - jaar (To the year)
6) Bell - Samen klinken (Sound Togther)
7) Hand with Pencil - Verwen je pen (Treat your pen)
8) Reindeer Head - Met heel mijn hert (With all my heart)
9) Hand with lucky clover - Gefuk mag! (May Luck)
10) Holly Leaf and Berries - Ons beschreven blad  (Our Magazine described)
11) Candle - Vlam in mij (Flame in me)
12) Eight pointed star - Doe nu een wens! (Now do a wish)
13) Man and Woman talking - De liefde van wij (We love)
14) Snowman - Kou van het leven (coldness of Life)
15) Fireplace - Hou het brandend (Keep it burning)
16) Angel - Jij geeft mij vleugels (You give me wings)
17) Man and Woman dancing - He, durf te dansen (Hey, Dare to dance?)
18) Round Christmas Ornament - Bal zoekt boom (Ball looking tree)
19) Mother and Child - Geluk is groot klein ding (Happiness is Big Small thing)
20) Treetop Ornament - Lang leve de piek! (Long live the peak!)

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