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Odd Shaped Miniature Sheet

Category - Sight
Subcategory - Odd Shaped Miniature Sheet 

This category is for lovers of odd shaped miniature sheet forms with or without odd shaped stamps  

Luxembourg 2012 Children Stories Comic Strip Mils's Adventure

Issue date 15 May 2012

Gab Weis, born in 1926, has been a tireless designer from a very young age. Books, notebooks, bits of scattered paper, school books and other items provide evidence of this since well before the war.
Caricatures, comic strips, illustrations for short stories, neon signs and headings all crossed over his black oak desk, where his eldest son sits today and picked up his pencil, but not his talent for holding an entire generation of young readers speechless, who at the time did not yet know about television...

Mil, the tireless destroyer of a black and white underworld, well scarred and tattooed, mixes it up in a joyous swirl of boxes with Bomlop, Billy Brainless, Metti an Tunni, Himpo and Hampo, Edelmut and Rosalinde, Fos a Klos, and so many others. The list is so long that it reaches up to designers’ heaven where today Gab continues his stories.

Some websites/blogs indicate that there is a glow in the dark feature on the top left stamp, but there is no glow under UV on any of the stamps on the miniature sheet other than the unusual odd form of the miniature sheet. Even the Luxembourg Post website indicated photochromic in has been used on the sheeet.

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