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Embossed Gold Stamps - Update

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Back from a month's sojourn to India. Visited the Mumbaipex at Mumbai which had many unusual stamps as part of the exhibit. Had a wonderful time in India, visited the Taj Mahal Agra and got a "My Stamp" made with the visit. Now back to the weekly posting...

Malaysia 2012 World Youth Stamp Exhibition Gold Plated The Baba & Nyonya Heritage Stamp

Issue date 01 Dec 2014

Issued at Kuala Lumpur World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014, Unlike previous golden looking stamps which were printed from either golden inks or gold foil, this particular stamp is an actual plated metal (Copper Plated with 22k Gold) and this metal stamp is valid for postage and is of the value 50MYR.

Limited edition of 5000 pieces were printed by the Cartor security printing in a special presentation pack.

Nyonya kebaya blouses are a work of art wrapping the bodies of their wearers to the stunning colours and embroidered designs. 

The Nyonya kebaya is usually made from the fabric called “Kasar rubia (Voile)”. Voile is a sheer, light-weight, plain weave fabric, made of highly twisted cotton  yarns with a distinctive two-ply warp and is slightly heavier than other sheer fabrics. Voiles come in a variety of colours, from plain white to black, and almost every shade of blue, red, pink, green and purple in between.

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