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Multi-Sensory Stamps Sets - Update

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Spain 2015 - Dinosaurs Stamps Set with phosphorescence, scale textures, 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) features

Issue date 07 May 2015

Spanish Postal Authorities Correos has issue a set of 4 stamps with different printing techniques such as phosphorescent stamps, scale textures, 3D and Augmented Reality (AR).

See the video presented by Correos - 

Ankylosaurus or "fused lizard" had armour-like skin and a tail ending in a kind of club. It could measure up to 9 metres long and weigh 6 tonnes. It was a quadruped, with the hind legs longer than the forelegs, a low, very wide body, and a wide triangular head. It was a herbivore with small teeth and no molars. This stamp features scaled textures. 

Tyrannosaurus was one of the largest predators and the most famous dinosaur. It could reach over 12 metres long and weigh 8 tonnes. It had an enormous skull and a long, heavy tail with over 40 vertebrae which helped to balance its body. A bipedal carnivore, its upper limbs were small while its legs were very long in proportion to its body. It was an excellent hunter with a short, muscular, S-shaped neck. This stamp features the 3D Anaglyph printing technique giving a 3D view using a special Red and Blue glasses.

Triceratops, or "three-horned face", is distinguished by the frill on the back of its skull and its three horns, one on the snout and two over the eyes, which could be over one metre long. It had a large, robust body and four sturdy legs. Its head was a third of its length. It was a herbivore.This stamp features phosphorescence or glow in the dark printing technique.

Diplodocus was one of the longest dinosaurs at up to 36 metres. It had four sturdy legs, slightly shorter in the front than the rear, a long neck and an extremely long, whip-like tail. This stamp features the 3D Anaglyph printing technique giving a 3D view using a special Red and Blue glasses. 

All Stamps features Augmented Reality features which uses a special Smartphone app and shows a online feature on the dinosaurs.

See the following video on the Augment Reality features of the stamp

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