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Stamps with Moving Parts - Update

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Colombia 2016 Centro De Relevo Miniature sheet with a moving parts

Numbered Miniature Sheet

Issue date 3 December 2016

To facilitate communication between Deaf people within the country, the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, ICT and the National Federation of the Deaf of Colombia have created the Centro De Relevo (or The Call Relay Centre for the Deaf ) was formed 15 years ago. To commemorate the 15 years of operation, Colombia Post has issued a special Circular Miniature sheet with an odd shaped oval stamp with a inside moving circle.

The movement of the inner circle flap highlights the various services provided by the National Call relay centre for the deaf so that a deaf person can make a normal phone call. 

The Online Interpretation Service (SIEL) facilitates the communication between deaf and hearing people who are in the same space by having an online interpreter available to them, which can be accessed from a computer, a tablet or a cell phone with internet connection and Audio amplification system and microphone.

Through the SIEL, deaf people and listeners will be able to communicate in the user's points of attention of public and private entities of the whole country, in meetings of work or in medical consultations.

The ICT Appropriation Tool offers contents and spaces where sign language and written language prevail for access to information, learning, understanding, knowledge building and above all the motivation to use ICT in the deaf,

The Relay Center constantly trains virtual interpreters on topics such as communication, translation, sign language, deaf culture and customer service.

The mobile application is a virtual platform that can be downloaded to a cell phone or tablet and is useful because it allows communication through text chat or video chat.

The website on the miniature sheet provides lots of information for the deaf to be an active participant in the various walks of life.

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