Monday, 1 April 2013

Cork Stamps

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Portugal 2011 – International Year of the Forest Pre-stamped Cork Postcard

Portugal post issued a Postcard made of Cork on 09 May 2011 to commemorate International Year of Forests 2011 with stamp reading Floresta para Todos (The Forest is for Everyone).

Cork is a material that will not let liquid pass through it. Most cork tissue that is harvested for commercial use comes from the Cork Oak Tree, which is found in southwest Europe and northwest Africa. It is used in a variety of products, the most common of which is for wine stoppers. Portugal produces approximately 30% of cork harvested annually worldwide.

Portugal 2007 – The Cork Stamp – Stamp made of Cork

Portugal's Cork Stamp. Issued on 06 December 2007, this unique stamp is printed on very thinly sliced cork (0.35 mm). Printed on the cork substrate is a stylized image of a cork tree sitting atop a hill. The stamp has a denomination of 1 Euro.
The stamp brings attention to Portugal's cork industry, which provides well over 30% of the world's market for cork. 

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