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Wood and Wood Paper Stamps

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Stamps made from different material - Wood

French Andorra 2011 BOSCOS Wood effect Paper Stamp

Issue date 09 May 2011

To celebrate the International Year of Forests, the theme for Europe Post’s postage stamps for 2011 is trees and forests. The self-adhesive stamp issued by Andorra Post is made with a special wood effect paper.

Italy 2007 Basilica of San Vincenzo in Galliano, Cantù  wood stamp

Issued on 02 July 2007

Stamp issued as part of Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage series by Italian Post. The stamp features a sketch of the façade of the Basilica of San Vincenzo in Galliano, Cantù, a church dating from the Early Middle Ages, consecrated in 1007. The stamp is self-adhesive and printed on a wooden sheet faced with birch measuring 0.3 mm in thickness.

Switzerland 2004 – Wooden Stamp

The stamp, issued on September 7, 2004, is made from 120-year-old fir trees from Swiss forests. Due to the nature of the underlying component's growth characteristics, every single stamp is naturally unique.

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