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Ceramic Stamps

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Austria 2014 Augarten Porcelain - Rose of Vienna Ceramic Stamp

Issue date 20 March 2014

The world-famous Viennese Augarten porcelain for almost 300 years has been made by hand. Famous products are Coffee and Tea sets, exquisite vases and lamps. Austria Post with the Augarten company has created an extraordinary stamp made of porcelain decorated with the "Viennese Rose". The Viennese Rose has been an icon for the  Vienna Porcelain Manufactory since 1740.

For the production of the stamp made of porcelain since the usual molds of plaster can be used only for about thirty times, the stamps were not made by casting with casting material, but with a more solid form ("rotational mass" or "press material") by a pressing process. Subsequently, the sheets were baked in the porcelain first oven firing at 960 degrees Celsius for 24 hours, then glazed and again cured at even higher temperature. In the Augarten Porcelain Manufactory, the workpieces are always painted by hand. Due to high numbers and the lack of time, the most expensive and highest quality screen printing method was used. To ensure color fastness and contrast in this special stamp made of porcelain, the colors were eventually "burned" at 820 degrees Celsius.

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