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Extra Wide Length Stamps - Update

Category - Sight
Sub Category - Extra Wide Length Stamps

China 2014 Scroll of Bathing Horses

Issue date 01 March 2014 

The Scroll of Bathing Horses from the Palace Museum is a horizontal silk scroll colored painting by Zhao Mengfu of the Tang Dynasty. 

The scroll paints a hot summer scene where nine Xiguan (a position of official in charge of horse keeping) have 14 fine horses bathing in the river.

The horses are drinking water, or eating grass, or tied to a tree with saddle untied, or standing still with the head held high. Xiguan are painted in different positions : some are bathing the horses, some are riding the horses to the bank, and some are leading the horses to the river. 

The water is clear and the trees on the bank are blooming with flowers. This painting shows the ease of life during the Tang Dynasty.

Stamp Size - L  155 mm x W 31 mm.  (Horizontal-measured from perforation to perforation)

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