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Joint Stamp Issues - Omnibus issue

Category - Sight/Touch
Subcategory - Omnibus and Joint Stamp Issues / Stamps with Crystals

An Omnibus Issue, in Philately, is an issue of stamps by several countries with a common subject and which may share a uniform design. Omnibus issues are to be distinguished from joint issues which are usually much smaller in scope.

Since there are many Joint Issues and Omnibus Issues, I have clubbed these 2 category together.  

Hongkong - Austria 2006 Joint Issue on Fireworks affixed with Swarovski Crystals 

Issue date 22 August 2006

Issued Jointly by the Austrian Post and Hong Kong Post on 22 August 2006. Austrian Post issued a set of two EUR 3.75 stamps on fireworks while Hong Kong Post issued a set of two HKD 50 stamps on a miniature sheet with "Crystal Fabric". The above souvenir sheet shows one stamp each from each country issue on the same sheet

"Crystal Fabric" is a  textile fabric covered (hot fixed) with many tiny Swarovski Crystals to highlight the gorgeous bursts of fireworks.  This unique material makes light refraction possible and produces a glittering effect that cannot be found in other ordinary stamps.

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