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Stamps with Holes/Design Perforations/Cut Outs - Update

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Sub-Category - Stamps with Holes/Design Perforations/Cut Outs / Odd shaped Stamps

South Africa 2013 Gift of Givers MS with Stamps with unique perforations

Issue date 22 February 2013

In recognition of the selfless humanitarian work done by the NGO Gift of Givers foundation, South African Post Office has issued a miniature sheet with 2 stamps in the form of a puzzle shape. The stamps are self adhesive in nature.

Gift of Givers Foundation was founded on 6 August 1992 by Doctor Imtiaz Sooliman. Gift of Givers is one of the largest disaster relief agency of South African origin which has provided life saving aid in the form of search and rescue teams, medical personnel, medical supplies, medicines, vaccines, anti-malarial medication, food and water to the most vulnerable and challenged members of society worldwide irrespective of race, religion, color, class or political affiliation. 

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