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Stamps with Thermochromic Ink Printing - Update

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New Zealand 2013 Endangered Birds Stamps with Thermochromic Ink

Issue date 03 September 2014

New Zealand Post has issued a miniature sheet which depicts endangered seabirds on 5 different stamps on which a black silhouette pair of the birds is printed on the background with thermo-chromic ink. The black silhouette pair disappears when the face of the stamp is heated (say with your finger when pressed) to reflect the disappearing nature of these precious birds. 

The Antipodean Albatross is a large albatross that breeds almost exclusively on the Auckland and Antipodes Islands. These beautiful birds with their massive wingspans, are masters of low-energy flying and forage over the continental shelf edge and deep water areas.

The New Zealand Fairy Tern is the most threatened of New Zealand’s birds. Its tiny population of around 50 birds is seriously threatened by introduced predators, human disturbance, habitat loss and coastal development.

Chatham Island Shag is restricted to the Chatham Islands as their name suggests. This large black and white shag, is a conspicuous bird along the rocky coastlines. Colonies and roost sites are located on rocky headlands and islets and there is one colony in the Te Whanga Lagoon.

Black-billed Gulls are strongly colonial and breed predominantly on braided rivers from the coast to the headwaters. The species is found throughout New Zealand but is most common east of the southern divide in the South Island and in Southland. 

The Chatham Island Taiko, one of the world’s rarest seabirds, has a population is estimated at less than 200. The only known breeding site is at the southern end of main Chatham Island. The bird was known from only one specimen captured at sea in the middle of the South Pacific. Interesting how two of these rare birds are only found in the Chatham Islands. 

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