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Odd Shaped Stamps - Update

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Subcategory - Odd Shaped Stamps/3D Holographic Stamps/  Embossed Stamps

Canada 2015 Dinosaurs of Canada - Odd shaped Stamps

Issue date 13 April 2015

Canada Post brings to life five prehistoric animals that once roamed Canada. The animals pulse with life, charged by the multilevel embossing and holographic foiling used in most of the designs.The stamps have been  treated with holographic foil and multilevel embossing to create a 3D effect on the souvenir sheet only and not on the booklet. The stamps are Permanent Stamps for domestic mail value.

The animals depicted (in clockwise direction Top left to Top right to Bottom right to Bottom left) are:

Chasmosaurus belli, a relative of the famous Triceratops. Its large frill was supported by a bony framework that was likely used for display, not defence. A baby Chasmosaurus was recently found in Dinosaur Provincial Park. It was less than three years old when it died. (Top Left Stamp above)

Tyrannosaurus rex, the “tyrant king” of dinosaurs.High school teacher Robert Gebhardt discovered one of the largest and most complete skeletons of its kind in Saskatchewan in 1991. The skeleton has been nicknamed “Scotty.” (Top Middle Stamp above)

Ornithomimus edmontonicus, now known to have sported long arm feathers. It used its speed to outrun predators and to hunt for prey, which included small lizards and mammals.  (Top Right Stamp above)

Tylosaurus pembinensis, a giant sea-dwelling reptile that could open its jaws wide like a snake and swallow large prey. It patrolled the inland sea that divided North America 80 million years ago. A skeleton displayed at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Modern, Man. is the largest mosasaur skeleton on exhibit in the world. Nicknamed “Bruce,” the centre refers to it as “the T. rex of the sea.” (Bottom Right Stamp above)

Euoplocephalus tutus, an herb-eater that was known for its spiky, plated armour. Its complex and unusual series of nasal passages may have warmed inhaled air, improved the animal’s sense of smell or helped it vocalize. (Bottom Left Stamp above).

Souvenir Sheet - Front

Souvenir Sheet - Back

Holographic Printing

Embossing Seen on the Back of Souvenir Sheet only

The stamps are also available in booklets of 10 (but there is no embossing on these stamps - only odd shape with holographic printing.

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