Thursday, 23 April 2015

Stamp with Special Metallic Ink

Category Sight
Subcategory - Stamp with Special Metallic Ink

This category is a one of a kind where the stamp is printed with a special metallic ink so that the stamp can be attracted by magnets.

Italy 2010 Made in Italy - Federaccai Centenary

Issue date 28 June 2010

Post Italiane issued of a stamp in the “Made in Italy” series, dedicated to Federacciai, on the centenary of the inauguration of the complete continuous iron and steel casting plant in Bagnoli, the first in Italy.

The stamp shows the Federacciai logo with the name standing out at the top on a grey background. At the bottom, a series of geometric and chiaroscuro effects appear to create a block of steel.

The words “MADE IN ITALY”, “ITALIA”, and the denomination “€ 3,30” complete the stamp

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