Friday, 29 May 2015

Cloth Stamps - Update

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Australia 2015 Year of the Goat Stamp pack Folder with Silk Stamp

The above stamp (2nd one in folder) is the silk minisheet with normal gummed back

The above stamp (3rd one in the folder) is the self adhesive minisheet with mesh perforations

Issue date 08 January 2015

Christmas Island has issued a folder celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year 2015 which is the Year of the Goat as per Chinese Zodiac (Yes It is also My Chinese Zodiac symbol). The Goat is a symbol of Independence and the person born in this year are very creative and has capacity for deep affection. 

The miniature sheet depicts the Chinese Tu Tribal wedding where the groom presents a female goat to his in-laws to symbolise good nature, calmness, tenderness and purity of their daughter.

The stamp pack folder features a traditional gummed stamp minisheet, a self adhesive minisheet with mesh perforations and a minisheet printed on silk. All three minisheet has been embellished with a Milford Astor Turquoise foil on the title and the calligraphic symbol on the $2.10 stamp.

Stamps produced for Christmas Island can be used for posting in Australia and all Australian Territories.

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