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Stamps with Interactive (QR/Bar/Augmented Reality/C) codes

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Subcategory - Stamps with Interactive (QR/Bar/Augmented Reality/C) codes 

Croatia 2011 QR Code stamp - 20th anniversary of the issuance of postal stamps by Croatian Post.

Issue date  09 Sep 2011

Hrvatske pošte, the national postal service of Croatia, incorporate a novel functionality in each of 3.10 Kuna (0.56 U.S. dollars) stamps which has a unique code printed below the QR Code. 

Scanning the QR Code takes the user to a mobile site where the unique code can be entered and view confirmation on the receipt of your mail as well as additional data about its route. Users can find out when the mail was sent, how many kilometers it had travelled, when it reached its destination and more. 

The QR Code stamp was produced to mark the 20th anniversary of the issuance of postal stamps by Croatian Post.

The QR code (short for “quick response”) is a two-dimensional code that resembles a standard bar code, with one key difference: it can be read using a mobile phone. A textual message is embedded within the square making up the code, most often a web address. After reading the QR code, the internet browser of the user’s phone immediately redirects to the address contained in the QR code. In comparison with writing web addresses, this technology allows for access to the desire web address quickly and easily, without any typing.

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