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Odd Shaped Stamps - Update

Category - Sight
Subcategory - Odd Shaped Stamps 

Croatia 2012 Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Stamp    

Issue date 01 February 2012

Croatian Post to celebrate Valentine's Day, issued a heart shaped stamp. St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February, 14th and glorifies and honours love and affection. 

Traditionally, it is a day when those in love show their love for each other giving each other flowers, sweets and - typically - postcards especially illustrated for the occasion and known in English speaking countries as Valentines.

The holiday got its name after one of the first Christian martyrs and was for the first time proclaimed as holiday by Pope Gelasius I far back in 496.

 In Paris France 1400, the High Court of Love was founded just on Valentine’s Day - a court which deliberated, argued and judged over "the disputes of heart".

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