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Stamps with Hidden image - Update

Category - Sight
Subcategory - Stamps with Hidden image

USA 2003 South Eastern Lighthouses - Stamps with hidden images

Issue date 13 June 2003

The United States Postal Service has issued a sheet of 20 self-adhesive "Southeastern Lighthouse" stamps featuring the following lighthouses in the South Eastern sea side of USA : 

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse (Virginia), 
Cape Lookout Lighthouse (North Carolina), 
Morris Island Lighthouse (South Carolina), 
Tybee Island Lighthouse (Georgia), and 
Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse (Florida). 

Note that on the top row of stamps in this sheet includes a design variety; the "37 / USA" inscription on the Cape Lookout Lighthouse stamp (second stamp from left top row) is lower in the stamp design than on the other stamps in the sheet.

Also the stamps include a hidden image which can be viewed by a Special Stamp Decoder issued by USPS (featured in an earlier post on this blog).

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse (Virginia) - hidden image Date 1792
Cape Lookout Lighthouse (North Carolina) - hidden image Date 1859
Morris Island Lighthouse (South Carolina) - hidden image Date 1876
Tybee Island Lighthouse (Georgia) - hidden image Date 1867
Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse (Florida) hidden image Date 1907

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