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USA 1998 Wisconsin Stamp with Hidden Image

Issue date 19 March 1998

America’s 30th state, Wisconsin, has been known for many things. Its name is derived from an Indian word that has several possible meanings, including gathering of waters, wild rice country, and home land. Wisconsin is known as the Badger State – the nickname “badger” was first used for the lead miners who flocked there in the 1820s. The state’s huge output of dairy products has also earned it the nickname “America’s Dairyland.”

Despite its agricultural strength, since World War II, manufacturing has become Wisconsin’s primary source of revenue. It is a leading manufacturer of machinery, electrical components, paper goods, and food products. Wisconsin produces a third of the nation’s cheese and a fourth of its butter. One of our most progressive states, the state motto “Forward” describes its economic, political, social, and educational philosophies.

Wisconsin was first claimed by France, with England taking control after the French and Indian Wars. It became a U.S. territory after the Revolutionary War, and   was part of the Northwest Territory until 1800. Ownership was later transferred to Indiana, Illinois, and then Michigan. Independent territory status came in 1836. The present boundaries and capital, Madison, were established at the time of statehood on May 29, 1848.

Wisconsin, Hidden Image: Badger

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