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Tonga 2016 Chinese New Year - Lunar Year of the Monkey

Issue date 25 September 2015

Tonga Postal Authorities has issued a special Stamp Miniature sheet  which can folded into the shape of a Chinese wedding sedan chair. The sedan chair was used in ancient China to bring the bride to the groom’s home on the wedding day.

The special pane of stamps from Tonga was one of the 6 special stamps issued by the 6 South Pacific Islands  of Aitutaki, Cook islands, Niuafo’ou, Penrhyn and Samoa including Tonga. Aitutaki and Penrhyn are part of the Cook Islands, and Niuafo’ou is part of Tonga. The Year of the Monkey will begin on Feb. 8, 2016.

Tonga’s Year of the Monkey pane contains two $11.30 and $16.90 diamond-shaped stamps. The $11.30 stamp, designed by Sophia Zhang, shows a symbolic monkey in shades of green and decorated with a floral motif. The $16.90 stamp features a Chinese calligraphy painting by Zeng Fan. Instructions on how to fold is printed on the reverse of the pane.

Chinese calligraphy that translates to “Monkey’s congratulations” are shown on the four corners of these two stamps.

The Tonga Year of the Monkey pane also can be personalized by inserting a photograph or other label next to the printed postage stamp in the pane (as shown below),making it a good commemorative gift for a wedding couple or couples celebrating anniversaries.

The other participating postal authorities each issued a souvenir sheet with two diamond-shaped stamps. One stamp shows a symbolic monkey designed by Sophia Zhang.

The other features a calligraphy painting by one of the following famous Chinese artists: Huili Yin, Zhenshan Guo, Bingwu Yan, Xianlu Guo or Ermiao Zhang. Shiqi Zhang provided the calligraphy work.

While each souvenir sheet is shaped like a monkey, they all have different shapes.

For example, the souvenir sheet from Cook Islands is in the shape of mother and child monkeys. The $3.80 stamp in the sheet depicts a calligraphy painting of a baby monkey nestled in her mother's arms. The symbolic image on the $4.10 stamp shows a mother monkey looking at the infant on her back. The infant is holding a peach.

All of the sheets in this multinational issue also are designed so that they can stand up and be lined up to create a procession of monkeys working together to move the sedan chair with their arms and tails.

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