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Embossed Gold Stamps - Update

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Thailand 2013 General Post Office Commemorative miniature sheet with Gold Embossed Stamp

Miniature sheet issued by Thailand Post to commemorate the inauguration of the new GPO building after repairs issued on 04 August 2013 featuring the national emblem Garuda with gold embossing.

The miniature sheet feature the Stucco impression of 6 classic Thai stamps - details of which follows, 

Thailand 1883 First Postage 1 Solot Stamp issue featuring H.M.King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) portrait  issued on 04 August 1883.  (not in my collection)

Thailand 1899 - 1 Att Stamp featuring H.M.King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) portrait. Issue date 9 October 1899.  

Thailand 1908 - 1 Tical Stamp featuring H.M.King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) on Horse Commemorative Stamp issued on 11 Nov 1908. 

Thailand 1925 - 2 Satang (Brown and yellow) First Air Mail Series (of 8) Stamp depicting the Garuda bird issued  on April 21 1925. 

Thailand 1939 Red Cross Commemorative Stamp 15 satangs with donation of 5 satangs featuring H.M.  King Vajiravudh (King Rama VI) issued on 06 April 1939.  

Thailand 1939 Independence day commemorative stamp - 5 satangs (Dark violet) issued on 24 June 1939 featuring Anadhasamakom Hall, to commemorate the 7th Anniversary of Siamese Constitution.  

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