Friday, 6 September 2013

Stamps with Scratch Off Printing - Update

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Subcategory - Stamps with Scratch off coatings

Thailand 2013 National Communication Day Lucky Draw Postage Stamp with scratch off lucky code

Issue date 04 August 2013

The first ever lucky draw postage stamp during 130 years of postal services in Thailand was issued on 4 August 2013 for National Communication Day Commemorative Stamp. Giving big prizes of one nearly 5 Troy Once (152 gr.) gold bar including with 30 IPhone5s, there are a total of 10,000  prizes valued over 2 million THB to be won from this program. 

The campaign is called “Stamp giving Gold, Celebrating 130years of the First Thai Stamp”. It is the first time for issuing stamp like this since Thailand’s postal services was established on 4 August 1883 or 130 years ago. The campaign is one of several activities held all year round 2013 under a scheme named “130 years of the First Thai Stamp, giving back to Thai society”.

This stamp not only depicts the communication in digital age at present in form of smartphone and emoticons popular used, but also the first Thai “QR code” stamp for being scanned by buyers who register to win 10,000 prizes with total value THB 2,001,731. The biggest prize is one nearly 5 Troy Once (152 gr.) gold bar, followed by 30 iPhone5 and other 9,969 prizes.

Every participant just simply either scan QR code with smartphone or access URL entering website directly. On registration page, filling in the form with a name, an address, a telephone number, an email address and a lucky code coated with the dark strip on each stamp. Every post office will help any customer register from Date of Issue (4 Aug) until 31 Oct 2013. The Day for draw lots is 2 December 2013.

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