Thursday, 8 October 2015

3D - Holographic Stamps - Update

Category - Sight
Subcategory - 3D Hologram 

Canada 2015 Haunted Canada with 3D Hologram Image

Issue date 14 September 2015

The souvenir sheet issued by Canada Post features 5 permanent (Domestic) Haunted Canada stamps, each depicting a hair-raising ghostly tale from across Canada, printed in six colour ink with a holographic foil finish,

From left to right, the top row of stamps depict the Headless Brakemen from Vancouver’s Gastown, an ox cart apparition passing down a Manitoba pathway, and the grieving Grey Lady of the Halifax Citadel. 

Below, the left-hand stamp shows Quebec’s Marie-Josephte Corriveau, whose ghost wandered the woods after she was executed for killing her husband, while the stamp on the right illustrates the strange spirits inhabiting a Yukon hotel.

On the lower left of the sheet, a sinister raven coated in rain drops perches on a branch in a dark, misty wood. 

These five permanent stamps are the second edition of the Haunted Canada series, following the five released in 2014. 

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