Thursday, 15 October 2015

Multi-Sensory Stamps Sets - Update

Category - Multi sensory with a varied combination of Sight, feel, smell, taste and/or hearing features

Ireland 2015 The Five Senses Stamps Set

Hearing - Thermographic printing

Taste - Strawberry flavoured gum

Touch - Thermochromic printing

Smell - Mint fragrance

Sight - Transparent Stamp

Issue date 10 September 2015

EIRE Post issued a set of 5 innovative stamps featuring the human senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

The 70c stamp features Taste where strawberry flavored gum has been applied to the back of the stamp.

The €1.05 stamp features Touch – where thermochromic ink has been used, so that when the hand illustration is touched, it changes color.

The €1.25 stamp feature Sight – printed on transparent paper, when you pick up the stamp you can see through it.

The €1.70 stamp feature Hearing with thermography so that when the stamp is rubbed it creates a sound.

The €2.80 stamp feature Smell with a mint fragrance has been added to the surface of the stamp.

Click the link to see a video on the same.

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