Friday 9 October 2015

Stamps with Leather - Update

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Subcategory - Stamps made of Leather / Stamps with Crystals / Odd Shaped Stamps

Austria 2015 Alpine Lederhosen - Leather Stamp with Swarovski Crystals

Issue Date 24 September 2015

Austria Post has issued an innovative stamp in the form of a Lederhosen (Leather breeches) enhanced with 6 Swarovksi Crystals.

Lederhosen may be either short or knee-length with buttoned fly flap which is one of the traditional costumes in Austria’s provinces. They are usually made out of deerskin (in this stamp made of Alcantara leather and lasercut), sewn by hand and short for daily wear with the buttons usually made of buckhorn. The buckhorn buttons has been replaced by Swarovski crystals for the stamp.

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