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Stamps with Crystals

Among my first collection of unique stamps were the miniature sheet with 'Swarovski Crystals' on the miniature sheet. These type would fit in the 'TOUCH' category and can be generally categorized as 'Stamps with Materials affixed' - Materials being Crystals. Enough of blabbering - onto the good stuff. I loved the idea of materials affixed on the stamps and that was what attracted me to collection of unique stamps.

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Stamps with Materials affixed - Crystals

Hungary 2011 – Holy Crown of Hungary with Glass Crystals MS

Magyar Posta celebrates Hungary’s new Fundamental Law by issuing a special commemorative stamp block on 25 April 2011.

On 25 April 2011 the President of the Republic of Hungary signed Hungary’s new Fundamental Law, which replaces the 1949 constitution that came into force at a time when the country was deprived of its self-determination. The new Fundamental Law is the foundation of all the country’s law and the symbol of a truly free and democratic Hungary, through which a transitional period has been brought to an end. It is a covenant between Hungarians of the past, present and future, and points to the paramount need for spiritual and intellectual renewal. The new Fundamental Law respects the achievements of the country’s historic constitution and the Holy Crown, which embodies the continuity of Hungary’s one-thousand-year-old constitutional state and national unity.

On Magyar Posta’s numbered philatelic specialty the Holy Crown of Hungary printed in 23 carat gold leaf rising from the plane of the paper is featured. The border is adorned with a work by Miklós Köllő, the statue of King Saint Stephen from the dome hall of the House of Parliament, as well as its vaults. When placed under UV light, the inscription in Hungarian “May there be peace, freedom and concord” is visible. On the special stamp block with red numbering, cut glass crystals sparkle in the place of the precious stones decorating the Holy Crown. Only 20,000 version with crystals.

Thailand 2010 - 
60th Royal Wedding Anniversary Swarovski MS 

Thailand Post Co Ltd has officially launched two special stamps for sale on 28 April 2010 celebrate the 60th anniversary of the royal wedding of Their Majesties the King and Queen and the royal coronation of HM the King. Each stamp is embellished with six Swarovski crystals while portraits of Their Majesties the King and Queen are in a heart shaped frame.

The pink stamp depicts a royal portrait of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, taken during their Royal Wedding Ceremony on 28 April 1950 while the yellow stamp celebrating the royal coronation depicts portraits of Their Majesties the King and Queen in golden dresses of the Chakri Dynasty at their current age.

This miniature sheet was sold in a special box as seen above

Austria 2008 - UEFA EURO CUP 2008 - Coupe Henri Delaunay - with Swarovski MS

Issued by Austria Post on 05 June 2008. When the whistle for the kick-off of the UEFA EURO 2008™, the largest sporting event ever taking place in Austria, is blown on 7 June 2008, the 16 participating football teams have ultimately only one goal -- namely to become European Champion. After the final on 29 June 2008 in Vienna, the winning team will receive the coveted Henri Delaunay Cup (named after the former UEFA Secretary General). This valuable trophy made of sterling silver weighs 8 kg and is 60 cm high, with the names of the European Champions engraved on the back. The stamp shows the Cup against a blue background, and is decorated with four particularly large original Swarovski crystals.

Austria–Hong Kong Joint Issue 2006 Fireworks interpreted in Swarovski Crystals MS - Austrian Issue

Issued Jointly by the Austrian Post and Hong Kong Post on 22 August 2006. Watching a fireworks display is a captivating experience shared by people from different cultures whether on New Year's Day, on national holidays or on other occasions, a fireworks extravaganza is always synonymous with celebration and exaltation.

Austrian Post issued a set of two EUR 3.75 stamps on fireworks (featured here) while Hong Kong Post issued a set of two HKD 50 stamps on a miniature sheet with "Crystal Fabric".

The first stamp shows a panoramic view of Victoria Harbor  Hong Kong, one of the most famous natural harbors in the world. Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, on either side of the harbor  are glamorously lit. With the night sky splendidly illuminated by colorful fireworks, this dazzling city certainly lives up to its reputation as the "Pearl of the Orient".

The second stamp features a fireworks display in the Vienna Prater, Austria, a hunting preserve for the aristocracy opened to the public in 1766. The stamp is dominated by a Giant Ferris Wheel, the most visible landmark in Vienna, erected in 1897 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef I. The jolly mood of the park is perfectly reflected by the bursting fireworks. 

"Crystal Fabric" is a  textile fabric covered (hot fixed) with many tiny Swarovski Crystals. Crystal fabric has been applied to the two stamps on the Sheetlet (Both Austrian and Hong Kong issue) to highlight the gorgeous bursts of fireworks.  This unique material makes light refraction possible and produces a glittering effect that cannot be found in other ordinary stamps.

Austria 2004 Swarovski's Crystal World MS

Issued by Austria Post on 20 September 2004 in cooperation with Swarovski Crystals. It was the first time crystals have been applied to a commemorative stamp. The Austrian company 'Swarovksi' is world famous for its famous crystals and crystal art. 

The first stamp shows a diamond with 6 glittering crystals while the second stamp shows the Swarovski logo - The Swan, also with 6 glittering crystals. The stamps have been mounted on the stamp sheet and further mounted behind a blue card with a background which illustrates the Giant of the Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds) which was designed by Austrian Artist Andre Heller. The block of stamps were designed by Viennese graphic artist Renate Gruber.

Disclaimer - Information about the stamp issues on this page has been taken from the net and are for informational purposes only. No copyright claim is made for the above mentioned information/pictures.


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