Monday, 25 March 2013


Philaquely Moi is basically a play of the words Philately + Unique with Moi (French for Mine) which merely indicates - 'My Unique Philately Collection'. 

Philaquely Moi blog was basically started to express my interest for Unique and Odd Philately items and to showcase my collection of odd and /or unique philately items stimulating the 5 Senses of Sight, Smell, Touch, Hearing and Taste. The primary sense is Sight as only through Sight you can truly appreciate the beauty of the philatelic items.

In this age of emails, personal postage mails have become rare but most country's postal department are defying the trend through the issuance of interesting postal products which are keeping a few enthusiast's interests alive. 

Due to large number of odd shaped philately items, I have mostly tried to stay away from these items, though there are some in my collection which has other distinct features other than just being odd shaped.

Some noting/information are taken from the world wide web and for any incorrect information authors/administrators may please excuse and may contact me for any correction.

The following blogs may contain details of the uniqueness of the philatelic item and descriptions of why the item were issued.

To better understand the various types of unusual stamps I have taken the liberty to categorised them which can be seen under the Visitor's Flag counter. Click on the label category to include all updates in that category.

Hope you enjoy my blog..and do visit again for new updates.

I am interested in exchange of mint unique stamps/miniature sheets in your country and I will send stamps/miniature sheets of India/International of your interest in exchange. You can contact me at


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