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Stamps with Pearls

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Stamps with Materials affixed - Pearls

UAE 2005 Pearl Diving Tools Souvenir sheet with half pearls on stamps


Issue date 24 December 2005

Emirates Post has issued special stamps in five denominations on 'Tools used in Pearl Diving'. The stamps have been issued in the denominations of 50 Fils, 125 Fils, 175 Fils, 275 Fils and 375 Fils. Along with the stamps, a limited number of unique Souvenir Sheets priced at AED 100 has been issued, with a half piece of pearl placed at the corner of each stamp.

Each of the stamps highlights tools like the nose clip, the leather gloves used for protecting the fingers from the sharp edges of the oyster shells, the basket used for collecting the oysters the boulder used for accelerating the diver's descent into the sea and the diver's outfit.

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