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Embossed Bronze / Copper Stamps

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Thailand 2013 – Chinese Tai Sui God on Gold – Silver – Bronze foil MS

Issue date 07 Feb 2013

Tai Sui refers to Chinese deity who is respected and worshiped by Chinese around the world especially during Lunar New Year. 

According to Chinese custom practices and beliefs, the God has power to protect and help people to overcome obstacles and difficulties as well as bring good fortunes and prosperity.

According to the Chinese belief, there are together 60 Tai Sui who would, in turn, come to earth to serve and protect people who pray to the Gods for protection and tranquility.

The miniature depicts 3 Tai Sui God in Gold, Silver and Bronze foil embossed Stamp image.

Thailand 2011 - The Celebrations on the auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary 5th December 2011 Commemorative Stamps (2nd Series) – four colors on foil sheets with embossed patterns on Heptagonal Stamp

50 years of reign (1996)

WHO award

Human Development Lifetime Achievement Award
given by former UN secretary Kofi Annan

International Rice Research Award
given by the International Rice Research Institute

"Glory to the Greatest Inventor
in the year of Creativity and Innovation 2009"

WIPO Global Leader Award
by the World Intellectual Prosperity Organisation

2000 Brussels Eureka
49th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and
New Technology

Issue date 05 December 2011

When His Majesty the King turns 84 on December 5th, 2011, Thailand Post will issue three sets of postage stamps to commemorate this auspicious under the theme of "Sattamahamongkhol Bhumibol Maharaja" (Long Live the King).
Number 7 in the 7th cycle anniversary was chosen as the principle theme of the stamp designs with the stamps having a heptagon shape. It is the first time that any stamp is issued in this shape.

The theme of the second series of these commemorative stamps is "Worldwide recognition". These series come in seven designs featuring pictures of the coins and awards that different international organizations presented to His Majesty the King.

Thailand 2010 -  150th Anniversary  Royal Thai  Mint Bronze foil Embossed Stamp

Issue date:17 September 2010

The Royal Thai Mint was established in the reign of King Mongkut or Rama IV. The King considered that siam had to open itself to trade with Europeans and the country had to be improved and updated in all respects. For this reason, the production of money was modernized and coins were issued in accordance with the Western way. This was the beginning of the establishment of the Royal Thai Mint in 1860.

Design 1: Illustrating the front side of the first hand-hammered round flat coin and “Sitthikarn Mint”, the first Mint of Thailand, painted in the background 

Design 2: Illustrating the back side of the first hand-hammered round flat coin and “Royal Thai Mint”, the present Mint of Thailand, painted in the background.

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