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Embossed Stamps

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Subcategory - Embossed Stamps

As a collector of unique stamps in the embossed category, there are many stamps available and not in my collection due to a large number/very expensive. I have generally avoided collecting stamps where there is a large number to collect as it becomes very difficult to collect each and every one. So the few embossed stamps in my collection are being showcased. (Apologies to fans of embossed stamps)

Taiwan 2013 Valentine Day Embossed Roses 

Issue date 04 Feb 2013

Valentine’s Day is becoming increasingly popular among Taiwan’s youths. To continue the Valentine’s Day series, Chunghua Post is issuing another set of two stamps and a souvenir sheet. The motif is a heart-shaped pattern that consists of three roses in full bloom. Every rose constitutes six numbers: 201314, a play on the homonymic relation with the declaration, “my love for you is eternal.” 

The design follows: 
1. NT$12 stamp: The colorful roses symbolize the sweetness of love. 
2. NT$25 stamp: The white roses in reverse type, signifying the sanctity of love. 
3. Souvenir sheet (including one NT$12 stamp, and one NT$25 stamp): Two interlocking hearts represent the strong love between lovers, and their commitment to an everlasting union.

Thailand 2009 Hindu Gods - Embossed Postage Stamps 

Issue date 02 June 2009

Design 1: Ganesa, which is another name for Ganesha, means the "God who has power over obstacles". A son of Shiva and Uma, he has the face of an elephant and he was blessed by his father so as to have the power to dispel all obstacles. Offerings must be made to Ganesha before any other gods.

Design 2: Brahma, according to Brahmin Doctrine, is believed to be the Creator of all things on earth. The Musnapurana Legend states that he divided himself into two parts-one being a male figure, which was Brahma himself and the other in female form, named Sraswadee, whoe served as his consort. They helped each other in creating deities, humans, animals, demons and plants.

Design 3: Narayana, also known to the Thais as Phra Narai, is responsible for preserving things in their appropriate condition. His work is continual so as to create peace and harmony in the world. Narai has ten incarnated lives on earth.

Design 4: Siva, generally known as Phra Issuan to the Thais, has the duty of destroying all evil things on earth. This god has three eyes and a white complexion. According to traditional Thai belief, Shiva will pay an annual 10-day visit to the earth. This visit will start on the seventh nightof the waning moon in the first lunar month and end on the first night of the waning moon in the same month. During the visit, a Brahmin ceremony, known as the Tri Yumpawai, will be organized to welcome the God.

Australia 2005 Creatures of the Slime – Embossed miniature sheet with image under UV 

Issue date: 21 April 2005

Special Feature : Using the UV light you can find hidden fossils on the outer area of the miniature sheet. You can feel the fossils due to the embossing printing on the miniature sheet.

Australia Postal Service has issue Six new stamps on a mini-sheet that have postage values of 50 cents and $1.00 named "Creatures of the Slime" on the 21st of April 2005. The stamps depict the world's first animals that date back some 560 million years. Known as Ediacaran fossils, they predate dinosaurs by 1 million years and are probably related to worms, jellyfish, and snails. Found in the Ediacaran Hills of the world heritage Flinders Ranges in South Australia. These tiny organisms fossils have only been found in three other places in the world. Each of the animals is describe as follows:
Tribrachidium (50c) - may have lived on the sea floor.
Dickinsonia (50c) - a "germ eater" having a very elegant form.
Spriggina (50c) - a cross between a segmented annelid worm and an arthropod.
Kimberella (50c) - probably a soft-shelled mollusc.
Inaria (50c) - may be one of the oldest fossils of an animal showing the entire body.
Charnodiscus ($1.00) - a feather-like organism.

Great Britain 2001 – Centenary of Noble Prize - Embossed stamp

Issue date: 02 October 2001

Royal Mail used several innovative printing methods for a set of stamps issued in October 2001 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Institute and the first Nobel Prizes. It also celebrates the six categories of Nobel Prizes.

Among the six stamps issued was two stamps with embossing 
The first class stamp, denominated 1st, utilizes the intaglio, or recess, embossed printing process and features a red and blue globe commemorating economics. 
- The E stamp, for European mail, bears an embossed Dove marking the Peace Prize.

Disclaimer - Information about the stamp issues on this page has been taken from the net and are for informational purposes only. No copyright claim is made for the above mentioned information/pictures.

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