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Hong Kong 2013 Gold and Silver Stamp Sheetlet on Lunar New Year Animals – Dragon / Snake

Issue date: 26 January 2013

Hong Kong has launched a new Lunar New Year Animals series with a sheetlet of two stamps depicting the Dragon and Snake.

The end of the Year of the Dragon ushers in a blissful Year of the Snake. In traditional Chinese culture, the Dragon is a sacred and auspicious creature which represents might and nobility, while the Snake is a symbol of fortune and longevity signifying good harvest and fertility.

Different from the last series, the Dragon stamp is hot-foiled with silver while the Snake stamp is affixed with the world’s  first-ever 22K gold-plated lace metal.

Hong Kong 2012 Gold and Silver Stamp Sheetlet on Lunar New Year Animals - Rabbit / Dragon

Issue date 14 Jan  2012

At the dawn of the Lunar New Year, gold and silver symbolise wealth and jubilation. Gold and silver philatelic products have always been popular and they make prestigious gifts to relatives and friends in the Lunar New Year season.

The twelfth and final issue in the series presents the Rabbit and the Dragon. Bearing a denomination of $50 each, the two stamps are embossed and hot-foiled - the Rabbit with genuine 22-carat gold and 99.9% pure silver, and the Dragon with genuine 24-carat gold and 99.9% pure silver.A certificate of authenticity is included, making the sheetlet a unique keepsake. 

The Chinese Lunar Calendar marks the years in a twelve-year cycle, with each year of the cycle named after an animal. It is believed that people born in the Year of the Rabbit are gentle and nimble-witted, while those born in the Year of the Dragon are confident, courageous and clever.

Similar to previous issues in the series, the contrast between light and shade on the stamps accentuates the details of the Rabbit and the Dragon against their respective sienna and peacock blue backgrounds, producing a striking three-dimensional effect.  

Hong Kong 2010 Gold and Silver Stamp Sheetlet on Lunar New Year Animals - Ox / Tiger

Issue date 6 Feb 2010

People born in the Year of the Tiger are said to be audacious and passionate leaders who boast the same power and courage as the formidable predator. The special stamps vividly portray these attributes through four breeds of tigers in different postures. A sheetlet with two stamps issued by Hong Kong Post featuring the ox and the tiger embossed with genuine 24-carat gold and 99.9% pure silver bearing a certificate of authenticity has been featured.

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