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Embossed Silver Stamps

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Thailand 2013 – Chinese Tai Sui God on Gold – Silver – Bronze foil MS

Issue date 07 Feb 2013

Tai Sui refers to Chinese deity who is respected and worshiped by Chinese around the world especially during Lunar New Year. 

According to Chinese custom practices and beliefs, the God has power to protect and help people to overcome obstacles and difficulties as well as bring good fortunes and prosperity.

According to the Chinese belief, there are together 60 Tai Sui who would, in turn, come to earth to serve and protect people who pray to the Gods for protection and tranquility.

The miniature depicts 3 Tai Sui God in Gold, Silver and Bronze embossed Stamp image.

Malaysia 2012 – The Second Series of Malaysian Currency – Coins (Hexagonal Silver foil embossed stamps)

Issue date 16 July 2012

Malaysian Post has issued 8 hexagonal Stamps  (only four from my collection while the other four are the backs of the stamps and not in my collection).  Two stamps featuring the 5 Sen and 10 Sen coins are silver embossed stamps.

Canada 2004 - 100th anniversary of the Canadian Open golf tournament silver foil embossed stamps

Issue date 12 August 2004

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Open golf tournament, Canada Post has issued a pair of circular stamps at actual golf ball size, complete with dimpled edges.

The two stamps present this evolution photographically, with contrasting images from an early Canadian Open and a more recent event. Both images show a crowd of onlookers and a player silhouetted in silver, one driving and one putting. A silver trophy appropriate to each era also appears.

Libya 1997 – Tripoli International fair Silver embossed Stamp

Issue date 20 September 1997

The Tripoli World Fair is currently the most remarkable window in the Libyan economy as it has become a destination for businessman from all over the world seeking to penetrate the Libyan market which witnesses a steady and unparalleled growth in terms of the number of transactions carried out and that of the states and companies participating in it. 

The miniature sheet depict traditional Libyan jewelry pieces with silver embossed printing.

Disclaimer - Information about the stamp issues on this page has been taken from the net and are for informational purposes only. No copyright claim is made for the above mentioned information/pictures.


  1. i have 2 stamps from the Libyan group , beautiful stamps

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