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3D - Holographic Stamps

Category - Sight
Subcategory - 3D Hologram

Holography Stamp
Holography is a technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed. Under certain viewing conditions, an image (hologram) is obtained which is fully three-dimensional in all directions so that a movement of the head presents another aspect of the object. Its benefits, for example, are brand protection and document security. In holographic stamp foils the holograms are transferred to the substrate under the effect of heat and pressure. Foil stamping or hot stamping (as it is called when heat is applied) requires a metal plate with an engraved image. The plate strikes a foil film, transferring the foil coating from the roll film onto the substrate that is to be imprinted. The substrate then receives the high-density metallic finish, resulting in a reflective image with a bright and dense metallic appearance.

Malaysia 2013 Exotic Pets - Year of snake MS with hologram

Issue date 5 February 2013

Pos Malaysia released MS stamp issue entitled Exotic Pets on 5 February 2013 with denomination RM3 and RM5 each.

Traditionally, domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, birds and fishes are kept as pets. Exotic pets are generally deemed as anything other than the typical domesticated animals. In line with the changing times, more people are interested to keep exotic pets which come in a variety of shapes and size such as snakes, spiders, Sugar Glider, pygmy hedgehog and green iguana that have now become very common pets.

The most obvious advantage of having an exotic pet is that they are unique and unusual. Exotic pets are also very interesting and able to entertain and interact to give a different sense of satisfaction. Nevertheless, keeping an exotic animal as a pet requires some special needs - such as special housing, live foods for some animals and special medical care. In many countries including Malaysia, keeping exotic pets require special licenses or permits from the relevant authorities.

The Miniature Sheets are available in RM 3.00 and RM 5.00 denominations, 73mm x 100mm in size and containing the stamp, at 30mm x 50mm in size featuring the Royal Python, in conjunction with the year of the Snake for this year’s Chinese New Year. The Miniature Sheet in RM 5.00 denomination is printed with special transparent foil printed technique.

China 2012 Sanxingdui Bronze Ware Sculpture hologram MS

Issue date 26 September 2012

Located in the city of Guanghan in northern Chengdu Plain, Sichuan Province, Sanxingdui is the ruins of a prehistoric culture dating back 4,800-2,600 years. It is considered the origin of the Yangtze River Civilization and an outstanding manifestation of the zenith of Chinese bronze civilization.

Myriad artifacts have been excavated from Sanxingdui, most of which are bronze. In sharp contrast to the bronze ware discovered in the Central Plains, Sanxingdui bronze features distinctive local characteristics and a strong flavor of wizard culture, clearly exemplified by an astonishing group of standing human statues and masks. These cultural relics are evidence of the political and religious power of the Shu, reflecting the spiritual values and social characteristics of the ancient kingdom ruled by religious authority. This discovery is unparalleled in the world’s history of archaeology. 

The life-size standing figure unearthed from Sanxingdui’s No.2 sacrificial pit, measuring 262 centimeters with its pedestal, is larger than any other contemporaneous bronze figure found so far in the world. Dressed in a dragon robe, the enigmatic character stands on a high base in an awe-inspiring manner. Some archaeologists have asserted the figure’s identity as a combination of god, wizard, and king, or the most authoritative leader, symbolizing the highest religious and political authority.

South Africa 2010 30 years of the Pan African Postal Union: Bridging the digital divide MS with Tangram Design/ Hologram on sheet

Issue date 7 January 2010

South African Post to celebrate 30 years of the Pan African Postal Union has issued a miniature sheet ‘Bridging the digital divide to highlight how the postal service technology has helped in daily tasks. This miniature sheet was issued to raise awareness of the power of technology in the African daily life.

The stamps issued have various forms (square, triangle, rectangle and trapezoidal shape) and can used as a Tangram logic puzzle. It also features hologram foil on the ms in panes 5, 1(square part), 2(circle part) and pane 7 (behind 2 children).

Thailand 2010 Personal greetings Stamps on a holographic foil

Issue date 28 Jan 2010

For the occasion of Valentines Day, Thai Post issued a set of 6 stamps on personal greetings on holographic foil giving a 3D glitter effect to the stamps. The words featured are Hello, Happy Birthday, Thank you, Love, Missing you and Congratulations in Thai Language.
สวัสดี Sawasdee = Hello

สุขศานต์ วันเกิด Sook Saan Wan Geert = Happy Birthday

ขอบคุณ Khaawp Khoon = Thank you

รัก นะ Rak Na= Love

คิดถึง Khit Theung = Missing you

ยินดีด้วย  Yin Dee Duay = Congratulations

Singapore 2010 – Festivals – Holographic foil printing on the stamp

Issued on: 20 October 2010

This issue of Festivals depicts 4 of these major festivals, namely: Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas. The Special Collector’s Sheet features all the 8 stamp designs, which is printed with special foiling technique.

Chinese New Year

Most important of the traditional Chinese holidays, the Chinese New Year usher in the new lunar year. The mood of celebrations will continue for 15 days, with the exuberant Chingay Procession rounding up as the close of the festive season.

Hari Raya Puasa

An important religious day of the year for Muslims in Singapore, Hari Raya Puasa is celebrated at the end of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting and alms-giving.


Deepavali, also known as “Festival of Lights”, is much celebrated worldwide and for Hindus and Sikhs in Singapore. On this day, Hindus traditionally light rows of oil lamps to thank the Gods and to usher in all that’s good.


Christmas is the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and is celebrated throughout the Christian population as well as many non Christians as a secular, cultural festival. Modern customs of the holiday eventually evolved, with gift-giving and Church celebrations.

Singapore 2010 Year of the Tiger

Issue date 08 January 2010

Singapore Post will issue her Year of Tiger stamps and collector sheet on 8 January 2010. The collector sheet should contain holograms showing transitions of the zodiac signs from previous year Ox to Year of Tiger, and Year of Tiger to the following year Rabbit.

Indonesia 2009 – Year of Astronomy Galileo Hologram Miniature sheet

Issue date 02 May 2009

The United Nations officially declared the International Year of Astronomy 2009 non December 20, 2007. Initiated by International Astronomical Union (IAU) and UNESCO, this resolution was aimed at commemorating the 400th years of telescope usage in the field of astronomy pioneered by Galileo Galilei.

The stamp design depict the image of Galileo Galilei, Galilean telescope as well as the official event logo. As a background, the sheet shows Omega Centauri galaxy portrayed by Denny mandey using telscope of Observatorium-Boscha ITB Lembang.

Singapore 2009 Year of the Ox

Issue date 09 Jan 2009

According to Chinese astrology, the Ox being the second of the 12 animals sign, those born in the year of the OX are often said to be leaders, fearing neither responsibility nor risk.

The Stamps feature Offset Lithography with high reflective index transparent Hologram with morphing effect. With this special effect, one can get a glimpse of next year’s zodiac animal, the Tiger, and the outgoing one, the Rat, on the stamps.

Thailand 2008 - 125 Anniversary of Thai Postal Service with Hologram Stamp

Issue date 1 August 2008

Thai Postal Service was started on 14 August 1883 celebrated the 125th Anniversary in 2008. To commemorate this occasion Thai Post issued a miniature sheet with 5 stamps where one of the Stamp of 25 Baht is a holographic stamp.

Singapore 2008 – Year of the Rat 3D Hologram Image

Issue date 18 Jan 2008

The highly intelligent, charming and enterprising Rat is starting a new cycle on the Chinese zodiac calendar as well as SingPost’s second Zodiac Stamp Series.

Featuring a first-in-the-world unique printing technique on stamps – offset lithography with high reflective index transparent hologram with morphing effect.  With this special effect, one can get a glimpse of next year’s zodiac animal, the Ox, and the outgoing one, the Boar, on the stamps.

Thailand 2007 King 80th Birth Anniversary Holographic MS

Issue date 05 December 2007

On the 80th Birth Anniversary of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Thailand Post issued a miniature sheet on the various photographs through the life of the King. The center photograph has a holographic stamp of the King in a Buddhist traditional robe.

Australia 2007 - Blast Off! 50 Years in Space on holographic foil 

Issue date 02 October 2007

The 2007 year marks the 50th anniversary of mankind's exploration of space. On 4 October 1957 the first man-made satellite orbited Earth and so began the "space race" for the USSR and the USA. Australia has played a supportive role in international space exploration and even added to the list of astronauts.

Australia's Involvement - Although a small nation, Australia played an important technical role in early space exploration and continues to give that support today. Almost all of the television images covering the 1969 Apollo II mission came through the Honeysuckle Creek and Tidbinbilla tracking stations with assistance from the Parkes radio telescope. Andy Thomas - the First Australian born professional astronaut to enter space.

Hongkong 2007 - 10th Anniversary Hongkong SAR Symphony of Lights Hologram MS

Issue Date: 01 July 2007

"A Symphony of Lights" hologram stamp sheetlet with a set of commemorative stamps on "The 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" will be issued on 1 July 2007.  The stamp sheetlet presents "A Symphony of Lights" in a hologram to produce a flickering effect. The exciting display that lights up the sky over Victoria Harbour was named the world's "Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show" by Guinness World Records in 2005. The 1997 transforms to 2007.

Malaysia  2006 - Ikan Air Tawar Fresh water fish

Issue Date: 25th May 2006

A Souvenir sheet of Ikan Air Tawar Fresh water fish with a fantastic hologram of Baung fish.

Baung (Mystus nemurus) -   Baung can be found at zones to the upstream of rivers and rice fields. They do not have much preference for clear of muddy water and is a threat to lobsters (udang galah) that lives in ponds. Its color is in formalin dusky white with serrated spine. It eats a variety of food including shrimps, insects, crabs and fish larvae. The distribution of this fish also covers Java, Sumatra, Singapore, Borneo and Thailand

Ikan Keli (Clarias Batrachus) -  Easily found all over Malaysia especially rice fields, swamps around the rice fields, riverbanks, drains, and old mines. They are bottom dwellers but very frequently come to the surface of the water to draw in fresh air. The skin is smooth, brownish green on the upper part of the body and lighter below. The body is elongated, compressed at the back with its head moderately flattened.

Jersey 2005 Hans Christian Andersen "The Ugly Duckling" featuring a fairy hologram

Issue date 02 April 2005

Bi-centenary of Birth of Hans Christian Andersen commemorative miniature sheet depicting "The Ugly Duckling" featuring a Swan, duck, cygnet and ducklings, and also a holographic fairy.

Great Britain 2001 – Centenary of Noble Prize - Hologram stamp

Issue date: 02 October 2001

Royal Mail used several innovative printing methods for a set of stamps issued in October 2001 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Institute and the first Nobel Prizes. It also celebrates the six categories of Nobel Prizes.

Among the six stamps issued was a 65p stamp honouring the Physics category of Nobel prizes. The stamp features carries a boron molecule hologram. Dennis Gabor won the Nobel Prize in 1971 for holography.

Belarus 2001 - 10th Anniversary of Belarus Hologram Stamp

Issued on: 03 July 2001

Multicolored Stamp with Hologram showing the State arm on the background of Republic of Belarus flag.  Issued on the 10th Anniversary of Belarus.

Hongkong 2000 To celebrate the 21st century hologram miniature sheet

Issue date 31 Dec 2000

To celebrate the advent of the 21st century, a prestige hologram stamp sheetlet containing two holograms will be issued. This stamp sheetlet depicts the transformation of Hong Kong from the 20th century to 21st century. There will be three-dimensional layers; fireworks flashing and airport runway lighting special effects on stamp sheetlet.

USA 2000 The Escaping the Gravity of Earth hologram stamps

Issue date: 09 July 2000

The two hologram stamps in the set issued  on 9 July 2000, adjacent to each other on one souvenir sheet with denominations of $3.20 each. Titled "ESCAPING THE GRAVITY OF EARTH," the vertically oriented souvenir sheet shows in its selvage astronauts David Leestma and Kathryn Sullivan in space, working in the open cargo bay outside the shuttle Challenger during mission STS 41-G in October 1984. A view of Earth fills the upper half of the scene.

The design on the stamp at left represents a space shuttle docking with the orbiting international space station. It is based on a computer-generated NASA image. The stamp at right shows a closer view of two astronauts at work outside the space station, from a NASA artist's conception. The $3.20 denomination pays the domestic Priority Mail rate for items up to two pounds.

The hologram stamp set was released as part of a 15 stamps set honoring the achievements of the U.S. space program.

USA 2000 Space Achievement and Exploration Hologram Round stamp 

Issue date 09 July 2000

The $11.75 stamp featuring the first holographic US postage stamp, which also marks the first round issue by the United States Postal Service, which depicts a view of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 astronauts.

The hologram was released as part of a 15 stamps set honoring the achievements of the U.S. space program, as well as "the infinite possibilities of future space endeavors” in 2000.

Canada 1999 – Millennium Keepsake – 3D Stereo-gram image

Issue date 12 October 1999

Canada Post developed a special keepsake stamp to commemorate the coming of the new millennium  with the first holographic stereo-gram stamp. A stereo-gram is a three-dimensional hologram produced by recording many individual frames of a sequence of images. Because it incorporates dozens of layers of images, it offers the viewer a far more fluid and realistic viewing than a traditional hologram.

The stereo-gram stamp represents the past with an intaglio steel engraving, the present with lithography, and the future with holography. A dove, the symbol of peace, love, and hope, was chosen as the image for the stamp.

Australia 1999 Small Pond Miniature sheet with Dragonfly hologram

The creatures living in and around the Small Pond, the theme for this miniature sheet , are intricately linked – be they prey or predators. While the ‘small pond’ illustrated in the Stamp Collecting Month miniature sheet is situated in the Kimberley with its specific frogs and creatures, the scene is representative of ponds across Australia.

Frogs feature dramatically in this Small Pond environment. They can be predators in this small habitat – feasting on the bees, wasps, beetles, bugs, dragonflies and other small, moving prey drawn to the pond – or the prey of other creatures. Birds and snakes are a frog’s worst enemies, and dragonflies are also a threat to survival – eating frogspawn and tadpoles.

The stamps in the Small Pond issue feature the following creatures:45c Magnificent Tree Frog (Litoria splendida),  45c Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus), 50c Javelin Frog (Litoria microbelos), 50c Northern Dwarf Tree Frog (Litoria bicolor), 45c Roth’s Tree Frog(Litoria rothii),  and 45c Dragonfly (Rhyothemis graphiptera).

The creatures featured in the miniature sheet also feature a Cream-spotted Ichneumon (Echthromorpha intricatoria), Green Tree Ants (Oecophylla smaragdina), a red Dragonfly (Diplacodes haematodes), a caterpillar and a stick insect. A fig tree, waterlilies, pandanus and grasses complete the scene.

Foil has been added to the dragonfly’s wings to give them a shimmering, translucent look. This special foil on the dragonfly wings only appears in the miniature sheet, and not on the regular stamps.

Malaysia  1999  -  Petronas Twin  Tower Hologram  Miniature  Sheet

Issue date: 30 August 1999

Miniature sheet to commemorate the completion of Petronas Twin Towers with a hologram stamp.

Kyrgyzstan 1999 WWF Fox Hologram Stamps

Issue date 27 April 1999

WWF - Fauna of Kyrgyzstan miniature sheet featuring Corsac Foxes - Fox (stamp with the hologram), sleeping fox (stamp with the hologram), fox on walk (stamp with the hologram), fox with the kids (stamp with the hologram)

Guyana 1998 Princess Diana - 1st Death Anniversary Hologram Stamp

Issue date 11 May 1998

Guyana 1998 Princess Diana - 1st Death Anniversary Hologram Stamp.

Mongolia 1993 Zeppelin Balloon Hologram Sheetlet

Issued on 27 August 1993

Mongolia Post issued a sheetlet containing 4 hologram stamps of the Zeppelin Blimp Air Ship. 

Isle of Man 1994  Queen Elizabeth II hologram stamp

Issue date 05 July 1994

The Isle of Man Post Office celebrated 21 years of independence on Tynwald day 05 July 1994 by issuing a special commemorative £5 (Hologram) "Queen Elizabeth II" stamp.

In the background the Royal Cipher interchanged with the three Legs of Man are featured as holograms. This is the first time a stamp featuring a hologram was issued by a postal administration within the British Isles.

Poland 1991 Butterfly Hologram MS Issued for Phila Nippon 91 Stamp Exhibition

Issued on 16 Nov 1991

15000z Stamp depicts Philanippon exhibition logo and Hologram depicts Aporia Crataegi butterfly. This miniature sheet was issued for the Phila Nippon 91 Stamp Exhibition, Tokyo.

Austria 1988 World’s First Hologram Stamp - Made In Austria - Export Fair 

On 18th October 1988 Austria issued the world’s first hologram stamp. The occasion was an export fair and the hologram showed a logo with the words AUSTRIA and MADE IN AUSTRIA.

Disclaimer - Information about the stamp issues on this page has been taken from the net and are for informational purposes only. No copyright claim is made for the above mentioned information/pictures.

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3D - Motion stamps

Category - Sight
Subcategory - 3D Motion Stamp

MotionPrint is a specialized printing process that can show depth, movement, movies, or combinations thereof. The lenticular material consists of small reliefs or lenses (hence the name of the press "lenticular). RAW images are taken and treated through a computer algorithm, which corresponds to the lens surface of the lenticular material. Printing is always on the back of lenticular material, as there is the focal point, allowing the human eye to reproduce the images as if you change the viewing angle. There are several basic effects:

The Flip is the simplest of all animation effects and results in an image change from one to the next. A lenticular flip allows up to three different images to be combined and independently when viewed from different angles while moving the lenticular lens.

The 3D Lenticular is achieved through the production of sufficient information to enable the viewer to see the 3D effect. Typically this requires 12 images of the subject recorded in a strictly defined. 

The Full Motion Video uses multiple frames of moving action from beginning to end. It 'very similar to watching a movie. This effect is better optimized when the background remains constant throughout the sequence.

The Zoom Effect makes the images seem to approach or move away.

Jersey 2013 Superman Lenticular Miniature Sheet Stamp 

Issue date - 07 June 2013

The Jersey Post has issued a set of Superman Stamps Set ahead of the release of the latest Superman film, Man of Steel, which stars Henry Cavill who comes from Jersey.

The Stamp set consists of 6 stamps featuring Superman's various super powers and a lenticular miniature sheet. The miniature sheet - 3 GBP features a lenticular stamp which when tilted shows the Man of Steel flying across the stamp.

Malaysia 2011 - Underground Engineering Excellence 3D Lenticular Miniature sheet

Issue date: 21 November 2011

A  3D miniature sheet was issued in Malaysia in 2011 to promote and show the Excellence of Underground Engineering.  The issue commemorates the Kuala Lumpur SMART Tunnel construction.

As Malaysia suffered in the past from many flooding, a solution was sought to keep traffic going on. Tunnels used to flood, roads as well. A special tunnel was designed and constructed between 2003 and 2007. It is called the 'SMART' tunnel : Stormwater Management And Road Tunnel.

The purpose of this tunnel is to keep traffic going on under normal conditions even with small flooding of the city. The tunnel is designed to divert the floodwater.

The First Stamp shows three images of the construction of the tunnel, while the second stamp shows three images - the breakthrough of the tunnel and scheme of tunnel.

Great  Britain 2011 - FAB The Genius of Gerry Anderson 3D Motion MS

Issue date:  11   January 2011

London-based GBH's Special Stamps Issue: FAB – The Genius of Gerry Anderson set has been created for the UK's Royal Mail to honour the work of Supermarionation legend Gerry Anderson MBE and his team at Century 21 Productions.

GBH's lenticular stamps feature the countdown and launch sequence of all the legendary Thunderbirds craft from the iconic 1960s series' title sequence.

FAB: The Genius Of Gerry Anderson marks the 50th anniversary of six ground-breaking series, which began with Supercar in 1961.

Fittingly, the issue also features the first ‘moving’ pictures on British stamps, by virtue of lenticular images incorporated into a miniature sheet devoted to the best-loved show of all, Thunderbirds.

The idea is to recreate the program’s dramatic '5-4-3-2-1' opening sequence. The countdown begins with Thunderbird 5, the Earth-orbiting space station, on the border. A moving image of lift-off can then be revealed for Thunderbirds 4, 3, 2 and 1 by tilting the four stamps back and forth.

Philip Parker of Royal Mail Stamps said: 'Gerry Anderson’s sophisticated puppetry, combined with his taste for state-of-the-art special effects and futuristic super-vehicles, caused a sensation in the 1960s. Collectors and TV fans alike will enjoy the chance to see the opening credits of Thunderbirds again, but this time through the technology of stamps!'

1st class Thunderbird 4 - Thunderbird 4 is a submarine piloted by Gordon Tracy.
60p Thunderbird 3 - Thunderbird 3 carries out deep space rescues in the capable hands of Alan Tracy.
88p Thunderbird 2- Piloted by Virgil Tracy, Thunderbird 2 transports International Rescue’s equipment wherever it’s needed.
97p Thunderbird 1-Thunderbird 1 is always first on the scene of a rescue, piloted by Scott Tracy.


To create the lenticular stamps in the miniature sheet, frames from the original television footage were divided into micro thin slices, which were micro printed onto the back of a special magnifying lens.

When these images are viewed at an angle of about 47° through a lens ridged with tiny curved lenticules, the light is refracted in such a way that all of the slices from one particular frame reform to show the complete image.

As the miniature sheet is moved, the light refraction changes, and a sequence of 36 frames can be seen.

Hongkong 2010 – Centenary of the railway service in  Hongkong 3D motion stamp

Issue date: 28 September 2010

The first single-track railway service connecting Hong Kong and the Mainland at Lo Wu commenced operation in 1910 and has since expanded to cover a nationwide network of key destinations. Throughout this period, trains served the commuting public tirelessly, witnessing the changing economic fortunes and social ties of the two places.

To mark the centenary of railway service in Hong Kong, a $20 stamp sheetlet produced by a sophisticated printing technique called lenticular process that gives the steam train the visual effect of movement.

Canada  2009 – 100 Years  Montreal Canadien  Hockey Team – 3D Motion stamp

Issue date:  17 October 2009

Montreal Canadiens are the most storied sports team in Canadian history having won 24 Stanley Cups, more than any other team. They are the oldest continuously-operating professional ice hockey team, predating the founding of the NHL. Their team jerseys can be found in arenas across Canada, often outnumbering home-team sweaters. They are the Montreal Canadiens, and Canada Post has issued a stamp set honouring the team's centennial and its iconic jersey.

A domestic-rate permanent stamp featuring a close-up of Maurice "Rocket" Richard's game-worn #9 hockey sweater, plus three high-value stamps featuring actual footage of the historic 500th goals of Maurice "Rocket" Richard, Jean Beliveau and Guy Lafleur are available now at post offices across the country.

Using an action-oriented printing process, called Motionstamp technology, and digital footage of the Richard, Beliveau and Lafleur goals provided by the Canadiens, the stamps become mini-movies. When moved up and down, the actual sweep of action-from shot to goal-as it appeared in the original film clips, is visible on the stamps. This is the first time this technology has been used on a Canadian stamp.

Austria 2009 – Centenary of Vienna Technical Museum motion stamp

Issue date 17 March 2009

Austria Post issued a motion stamp to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Technical Museum of Vienna. The motion stamp highlights the Mercedes Silver Arrow car which was one of the exhibits at the Technical Museum. The Silver Arrow won 9 victories in 13 Grand Prix Competitions.

Thailand 2009 Philatelic Exhibition 2009 Commemorative Stamps (THAIPEX'09) - Thai Puppet Shows

Issue date 04 August 2009

Bringing Hun Lakorn Lek to Life (World Premier First 3D Motion Stamp of Thailand)

Hun Lakorn Lek, a type of traditional Thai puppetry, was developed by Kru Krae Sapthawanich on the model of the Ramayana Thai puppets originated in the court of Krom Phra Ratchawang been transmitted to the present day through the dedicated work of Kru Sakorn Youngkhiewsod, also known as "Joe Louis", and members of his family. The first public performance of Hun Lakorn Lek was given at Joe Louis Theater in 1985. H.R.H. Princess Galayani Vadhana later renamed this theater to the "Nattayasala Hun Lakorn Lek" Theater.

The major driving force behiknd the amazingly life-like performance of Hun Lakorn Lek puppetry is the puppet artists themselves who, through their expert Khon performance skills, bring these puppets to live. Three puppet artists are required to manipulate each ppuppet. To give a faultless performance all there artists must be able to fuse their thoughts and mind together and perform as one person.

Finland 2008 – Alpine Skiing – 3D Motion Stamp

Issue date: 24 Jan 2008

The miniature sheet designed by Susanna and Ari Lakaniemi is dedicated to alpine skiing features Tanja Poutiainen, Antti Avtti, Matti Raty and Tapio Arska Saarimaki.

This is the largest MotionStamp sheetlet that has ever been produced which included four individual stamps. On the four-stamp miniature sheet devoted to Alpine skiing, champions Antti Autti and Matti Räty perform dazzling jumps, while Tanja Poutiainen and Tapio “Arska” Saarimäki speed downhill. The helicopter fans are also seen rotating.

The way the sheet is printed is based on a lens technology which combines multilevel images. When you move the stamp around in your hand, an illusion of movement is created. The production process is called MotionPrint imaging.

Austria 2008 Venus Von Willendorf 3D lenticular motion stamp

The Venus von Willendorf, 25000 years old prehistoric art, stamp was released in 08 August 2008 and was celebrating 100 years since finding [Venus] one of the most famous examples of prehistoric art. It was found in Willendorf / Wachau in Lower Austria on August 7th 1908. Current location - Natural History Museum, Vienna.

Switzerland 2007 Museum of Communications 100 years 3D Motion Stamp

Issue date 27 April 2007

Special stamps 100th Anniversary

To mark the centenary of the Museum of Communication in Bern, Swiss Post is issuing two special postage stamps, which use a novel technology. This anniversary also provides an opportunity to review the varied history of the Museum and to cast an eye over its current innovative program of exhibitions.

History of communication

The Museum of Communication is the only museum in Switzerland that is dedicated exclusively to communication and its history. In addition to temporary exhibitions with an original approach, like "Happy-The Promise of Advertising", "White on Red - United Colors of Switzerland" and "Electric Guitars -The Power and the Glory", the permanent exhibit entitled "The Communication Adventure" allows visitors to interact with the history of communication. Items relating to the Post, transport, tourism and philately, telecommunications and IT as well as radio and television constitute the museum's core collections, and a creative take on these themes makes them accessible to a broad public. How did this comprehensive collection come to be under one roof?

Postal Museum

A Swiss postal museum, modeled on the first Postal Museums in Berlin (opened in 1874) and Vienna (1889), is first mentioned in records in 1893. By 1901 concrete references can be found to an active collection, and the Swiss Postal Museum finally opened in the main Bollwerk post office in Bern on 22 June 1907. This museum began to run out of space in the early 1930s, and the search began for a suitable new location. The Postal Museum closed in 1933 and its collection was temporarily stored in the Natural History Museum in Bern until the Postal Museum could be reopened in the new Alpine Museum building at Helvetiaplatz in 1936.

PTT Museum
In 1949, with an eye to the centenary of electric communications in Switzerland, the PTT (Post, Telegraph and Telephone) Directorate General decided to supplement the Postal Museum with a collection on the history of telecommunications and to rename it the "Swiss PTT Museum".

The PTT Museum was housed in the Alpine Museum for another 40 years, but lack of space meant that philately was the only field for which special exhibitions could be staged. The museum attempted to raise its profile with guest exhibitions in the Museum of Transport in Lucerne and throughout Switzerland. Then, towards the end of the 1970s, the Alpine Museum terminated the PTT Museum's lease. 

At the same time, plans were afoot to establish a cultural center in the Lower Kirchenfeld district of Bern. The PTT became involved in the project, and architect Andrea Roost and his team between 1987 and 1989 designed the new PTT Museum. It was officially opened on 22 June 1990, and its interactive permanent collection and rotating exhibitions quickly earned the PTT Museum a good reputation.

Lenticular Australia 2007 – Year  of  the Surf 
- Life Saver - 3D Motion Stamp

Issue date:  6 March 2007

2007 celebrates the Year of the Surf Lifesaver. To commemorate the occasion, Australia's first motionprint mini sheetlet was produced. Produced using 24 individual images.

Austria 2008 – Andreas Herzog – 3D motion stamp

Issue date: 05 May 2008

MotionPrint is a specialized printing process that can show depth, motion, film or a combinations of these. The lenticular material is made up of tiny ridges or lenses (Hence the name "lenticular" printing). Raw images are taken and processed through a computer algorithm, which effectively matches the surface of the lenticular lens material. The printing is always on the reverse side of the lenticular lens material, as this is where the focal point is, Allowing the images to be replayed back to the human eye as the viewing angle changes.

The stamp uses 3 seconds of video footage, which is the highest number of images ever put within a motion stamp. Advanced video editing incorporating a picture within a picture. The film incorporated into the actual stamp shows the wonder goal scored by Andreas Herzog, the Austrian number 10, on September 6 1997 when Austria beat Sweden 1-0. 48,000 fans packed into the Vienna Ernst Happel Stadium on that memorable night to see the goal that helped Austria to qualify for the 1998 FIFA World Cup finals played in France.

Ireland 2006 Ryder Cup Lenticular motion stamp

Issue date 14 September 2006

The 2006 Ryder Cup is a hugely significant event for Ireland, and to mark it, An Post is thrilled to announce a truly momentous stamp issue. On 14 September 2006, Ireland’s first-ever lenticular stamps was be issued. 

Lenticular images, like holographic ones, are those that appear to move when you change their angle. An Post’s (the Irish Postal service) stamps feature visuals of a powerful drive off the tee, and a classic bunker escape, and, as the first lenticular stamps to be issued in Ireland, are set to make history. Until recently, lenticular printing was limited to simple ‘flip-cards’, comprising images of 2 or 3 frames, which produced only a very stilted movement. The more frames used to create an image, however, the greater the detail and motion, and thanks to new, sophisticated software, the production of much finer lenticular images can now be achieved. An Post’s (the Irish Postal service) stamps feature 50 frames, which combine to provide a virtually seamless passage of dramatic action.”

UAE 2006 - HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum 3D Flip Stamp

Issued on: 2 December 2006 

Two Stamp set with3D Flip motion using lenticular lens technology. Each stamp features 4 images of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum - Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai and the UAE's Minister of Defence.

Disclaimer - Information about the stamp issues on this page has been taken from the net and are for informational purposes only. No copyright claim is made for the above mentioned information/pictures.