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Embossed Gold Stamps - Update2

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Switzerland 2013 “Goldvreneli” miniature sheet made from real gold with multi-level embossing and round perforation.

Issue date 28 Aug 2013

An absolutely exclusive miniature sheet – and a first for Swiss Post. The miniature sheet was printed by Cartor Security Printers. Its characteristics are:  – Real gold was used to produce the gold Vreneli coin.  – The stamp is shaped like a coin and perforated.  – The embossing gives the stamp the appearance of a real coin.

The Vreneli Gold coin features a young mature woman’s representing Helvetia with her hair demurely braided and around her shoulders wore a garland of edelweiss with mountains in the background. 

Goldvreneli is Switzerland’s most popular gold coinin denominations of 10, 20 and 100 francs. The 10 franc Goldvreneli currently (September 2013) costs around CHF 181 and the 20 franc Goldvreneli around CHF 266. The face value of the Goldvreneli does not represent the coin’s real value. The value of the Goldvreneli is determined by the current price of gold, which fluctuates. 

Austria 2007 Architect Artist – Josef Hoffman - Embossed Miniature Sheet with 24 Carat Gold & Relief Printing

Issue date 14 September 2007

Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956) was an Austrian architect and designer of consumer goods. The miniature sheet features a 1916 Halskette (German for necklace) designed by Josef Hoffmann which contained elements of Gold and Ivory. This necklace was once owned by Otto Primavesi (a banker and glass manufacturer from Olmutz, Germany) and is located today in the inventory of the Museum for Applied Arts, MAK Vienna . 

The miniature sheet was printed by Cartor Security Printers which features an odd shaped stamp with 24 Carat Gold embossing & Relief Printing.

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