Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Personalised Stamps

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Au revoir India…Hello Canada…Just moved.. Big Time Life Reboot..

Here are some of the personalised Stamps issued by India Post just before I left India. You get personalised stamps from many countries. Most allow images and company logos to be printed. Artwork is a bit iffy depending on each country allowing it.

India My Stamp 2013 Flower Series

Issue Date 22 November 2013

The personalised stamp from India Post is available at Mumbai General Post Office on a regular basis for Rs.300. You just need to carry your passport sized photograph or carry a copy on a usb-drive in a.jpeg image and you are ready to go. However there are facilities to click your photograph too. Of course you also need to carry a photo id proof to enable you to a personalised stamp. So if you are planning to visit Mumbai India, do not forget to visit the Mumbai GPO. Right now they are not entertaining mail request.

Disclaimer - Information about the stamp issues on this page has been taken from the net and are for informational purposes only. No copyright claim is made for the above mentioned information/pictures.

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