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Stamps with Pearls - Update

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Subcategory - Stamps with Materials affixed - Pearls

Austria 2009 The Pearl of Philately Stamp with half pearls affixed

Issue date 06 May 2009

From May 6 to May 10, 2009, Essen (Germany) simultaneously hosted the International Philatelic Exhibition (IBRA), the National Stamp Exhibition (NAPOSTA), and the 19th International Stamp Fair. An Austrian Post issued p-stamp (Personalised Stamp) issued on the occasion of philatelic exhibition ' IBRA - NAPOSTA ' 09 ' in Essen ( Germany ).

The p-stamp features  a half pearl affixed on the stamp surrounded by the other philatelic pearls or you could say legends on stamp collecting. The legendary stamps featured on this stamp are

- The rare Mauritius Two Pence Blue(1847) which was one of the star attraction at the philatelic exhibition at Essen. According to the legend, Barnard had engraved "Post Office" instead of "Post Paid" by mistake. The latter appellation was to be seen on all Mauritian stamps during almost twenty years. Much later it was proved that "Post Office" was really the legal term used for the Post in those days.

The "Mauritius Post Office" stamps have become rare gems of world philately. They are in fact the first Mauritian stamps, among the very first in the world. They are also among the rarest because only 500 of these stamps were printed for the Mauritian Post.

- The Basel Dove Stamp The Basel Dove Stamp is one of the world’s first tricolor postage stamp. The stamp was issued on July 1, 1845 by the Canton of Basel (member state of the federal state of Switzerland). It has a face value of 2 ½  rappen and was the only stamp issued by Basel. It is the world’s first tricolor stamp printed in black, crimson, and blue. The stamp was designed by Melchior Berri which featured a white embossed dove carrying a letter in its beak, and inscribed with “STADT POST BASEL” 

- The first stamp of Saxony (Sachsen in German), issued in 1850, shown above, is one of the rarest of classical European stamps.  An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 copies are thought to exist today, and many of them are repaired. This is also one of the most forged of the classical European stamps, most notably by Fournier. 

- The Three Skilling Yellow (1855) , a rare color error of the first stamp from Sweden

- The  'Inverted Jenny' Error stamp from USA (1918)

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