Tuesday 28 January 2014

Cloth Stamps - Update

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Wishing all my fellow Chinese Philatelists a very Happy and Prosperous Year of the Horse 2014!! May you all succeed in your aspirations and have a runaway success in all your new endeavors... 

Hong Kong 2014 Year of the Horse Silk Stamp Sheetlet 

Issue date 11 January 2014

For the special occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year 2014 (30 Jan 2014), Hongkong Post has also released a silk stamp sheetlet showcasing a horse puppet used in traditional Chinese shadow puppetry to represent Year of the Horse celebration

A symbol of nobility and elegance, silk adds grandeur to the majestic creature, heralding a blissful Year of the Horse.

The HKD 50 Silk Stamp Sheetlet is printed on Silk paper with security fibers using the Lithography printing method.

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