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Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps - Update

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Subcategory - Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps

Hongkong 2013  “Innovation and Technology” Special Stamps set of 6 with Photochromic printing  

Issue date 19 November 2013

Hongkong Post has issued a set of special stamps with the theme of "Innovation and Technology", featuring six areas of innovation and technology in Hong Kong, namely green technology, information and communications technology, Chinese medicine, biotechnology, nano and advanced materials and radio frequency identification (RFID), to promote the culture of technological innovation to the public. 

This is the first set of stamps to be issued by Hongkong Post using photochromic ink. The terms "GREEN", "NANO" and "RFID", as well as illustrations of corn on the cob, ginseng and communications devices, on the stamps will gradually change colour when exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light. The novel and unique designs exemplify the "Innovation and Technology" theme.

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