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Stamps featuring Inverts - Update

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USA 2013 Reprint of Inverted Curtis Jenny Biplane Stamp by US Post

Issue date 22 September 2013

The US Post has reprinted America's most famous stamp - the 24 cent misprinted Inverted Jenny - a 1918 stamp misprinted error featuring a biplane flying upside down. The stamp has been reprinted with a $2 denomination to distinguish it from the original. One of the originals was last sold for $625,000.

The souvenir sheet contains six Inverted Jenny $2 stamps in two rows of three at the center of the sheet.

The upper left corner of the souvenir sheet shows the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum Building in Washington, DC. 

The lower left corner depicts aviation pioneer Reuben H. Fleet, based on a 1918 photograph now in the Library of Congress. Fleet was in charge of the first group of Air Mail pilots.

The right side of the souvenir sheet shows a map of the northeastern United States that focuses on the route of the first regularly scheduled Air Mail service in May 1918. 

A compass rose, a common element on maps and nautical charts, appears in the lower right corner.

A banner above the two rows of three Inverted Jenny stamps reads “STAMP COLLECTING.” Beneath it, upside down, is a similar banner reading “INVERTED JENNY.”

A twist in the tale to the issuance of this Souvenir Sheet, there have been news report that in order to draw more people to collect stamps, the US postal authorities have randomly distributed 100 sheets inserted among 2.2 million souvenir sheets featuring the plane right-side up with one last listed online for $25000.

Apologies in the scan colour of the souvenir sheet.. maybe its time to replace my scanner..

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