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Stamp with a Miniature Book Attached - Update

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Stamp with Materials attached - Miniature Book

Netherlands 2010 Book-Week with Miniature Stamp Book 

Issue date 9 March 2010

Dutch designer Richard Hutten has designed a postage stamp that consists of a tiny eight-page book for Dutch postal company Royal TNT Post. Famous Dutch author Joost Zwagerman wrote the book-week 500 word story 'Wat is erger' (or What is worse?) on the book. It is world's first stamp issued in the form of a book. The book is a combination of a stamp and eight pages.

In this story, Zwagerman leads us on an exciting and humorous journey through the thoughts of the main character, Jelmer Verhooff, the manager of a museum who has just seriously damaged one of the most precious paintings in the museum's collection. In this way Zwagerman literally makes the stamp a literary jewel.

The stamp measures 3 by 4 centimeters and contains a 500-word story, and commissioned to mark the 75th Dutch Boekenweek (book week). The value of the stamp is € 2.20, enough to mail 500 grams, for example a book.

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