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Stamps with Interactive Games - Update

Category - Sight
Subcategory - Stamps with Interactive Games / 3D Hologram / Odd Shaped Stamps  

Finland 2010 Heureka Science Center MS with Tangram Design  

Triangle Stamp with Hologram image

Issue date 30 May 2010 

DNA research and digital communication are the subjects of the new Science miniature sheet issued on 30 May 2010 by the . The sheet is also a tribute to the Heureka Science Center  dedicated to introducing different disciplines and the new technology to the general public and to young people in particular. The hologram sheet contains three FIM 3.50 stamps and is priced at FIM 10.50.

As a specialty feature, the sheet is in the form of an ancient Chinese puzzle, the tangram. By reorganizing the pieces of the puzzle, you will be able to form two identical smaller squares. The stamps - a triangle, a parallelogram and a square - are also pieces of the puzzle. The solution is printed on the back of the sheet. A "tangram" is a game with 7 geometric shapes, put together as a square. Each of the single shapes can be formed by putting the other shapes in a certain order. Also other forms can be made by putting each piece in another place. A nice game and major brain-breaker.

The miniature sheet contains two seals, one featuring the Sierpinski Triangle as a hologram, the other the emblem of the Science Center Heureka. The center with its cinema Verne also appears on
the miniature sheet. The sheet has 3 stamps and a hologram.

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