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Stamps with Rock Dust - Update

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Stamps with matter affixed - Rock dust 

Aland 2008 Red Gravel affixed stamp                

Issue date 26 July 2008      

Rally driver Marcus Grönholm view of sinuous gravel roads with the red granite, a common sight for those who drive on the small roads in Åland. Many of the roads on Aland, an island archipelago in the Baltic Sea, are made of the native red granite. 

This picture is taken by Kjell Söderlund on the island Föglö in the archipelago. The right side of the stamp depicts rally drivers Marcus Grönholm’s and Christoph Treier’s profiles in green and light blue. 
Aland's post office decided to add another dimension to Gronholm's stamp design by burning pieces of the red granite onto the stamp by a heated process known as thermography.  

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