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Unusual Postal Stationery - Update

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Spain 2014 Eucharist - Nineteenth Edition Ages of Man or Edades del Hombre Exhibition Wood FDC

Issue date 6 May 2014

To mark the Ages of Man exhibition, which runs from May to November in Aranda del Duero in the province of Burgos, a stamp was issued depicting Eucharist, the Latin name for the event, and the bells of the churches of San Juan and Santa María, where the exhibition is held.

The Ages of Man has a religious theme whose main purpose is to bring awareness of the artistic and historical heritage of the Catholic dioceses in the region of Castilla and Leon. 

This 19th exhibition is dedicated to the Eucharist and displays 130 pieces of religious art, separated into four groups. The first three can be seen in the church of Santa María, and show: the development of the basic elements of the Eucharist, such as bread, wine and the feast; the Eucharist from the standpoint of the Old Testament, with leading figures, such as Abraham, Isaac and the manna in the desert; and lastly, the institution of the Eucharist in the New Testament.

The church of San Juan holds the fourth part of the exhibition, showing the basic embodiment of the Eucharist - the feast, sacrifice, real presence of the body of Christ, celebration, charity and the suggestion of a cosmic dimension to the Eucharist.

On the occasion of the first day of the exhibition, an envelope made of wood was released as the first day cover for the stamp.

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