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Stamps with Seeds - Update

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Subcategory - Stamp with seeds

Austria 2011 – International Year of the Forest – Seeds in miniature sheet sachet

Issue date: 08 September 2011

In cooperation with the Federal Forestry company, the Austrian Post Office has come up with a special sachet stamp block, designed by Michael Rosenfeld. In the form of a small envelope, the block contains a specially selected mixture of seeds from Austrian spruce trees from the Tyrol, the Salzkammergut, the Waldviertel, Styria and Carinthia.

The mini-sheet, is covered with what appears to be a satellite image, with a light transparent overlay acting as a mask of a cut out area depicting the shape of the country of Austria. In the upper right hand corner of the sheet is a single €1.70 denomination stamp showing a forest scene.

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